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Do you know the difference between an ENERGY drink and a SPORTS drink?

To me it seems pretty straight forward, but that’s because I love reading about foods and nutrition. But it struck me as kind of strange when I was at a sports facility the other day, and they were selling Red Bulls and Monsters (which are just sugary energy drinks, often filled with caffeine)

I don’t have any evidence on this topic, but I would assume that often people believe that an energy drink is a good way to refuel the body post-workout. After all, it does say that it gives you energy – and we all need a little pick-me-up after a hard workout! Before I describe a bit more about these drinks, I just feel like they should take these drinks out of sports facilities – because they’re not at all geared towards athletes.

All that an energy drink will do for you is stimulate your nervous system and make you ‘feel’ like you have energy, and make you feel as though you’re temporarily alert. In my opinion, it has zero health benefits and people should probably avoid them at all costs. I remember having a few ‘Rockstars’ back when I was in high school, studying for exams – and they definitely did the trick. But the bottom line is that they have NO health benefits.

A sports drink however, such as Gatorade, is actually good for an athlete post-workout in order to quickly restore carbs and electrolytes. When you’re muscles are fatigued and you feel like you’re running on empty, a sports drink can provide that bit of fuel you need to finish off your workout! But can you really justify drinking a Gatorade if you’re just going on a leisurely stroll ? I say no – they’re made for intense training. If you’re just doing moderate physical activity, drink water.

I got the inspiration to write this little blurb from the Dietician’s of Canada website, and I also read the following article for more information;

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