drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

case study.

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I feel like I can breathe again!

Done my Preventive Nutrition exam, done working at Krudar until January 3rd, and done working at CYKL until December 30th – that means I’ve got ten days to accomplish my Christas to-do list RELAX.

I hate to sit still, so between relaxing I will try and get my list accomplished. Other than that, my time off will be spent catching up on sleep – and spending time with my favourite people.

My to do list is small – but mighty.

Where I say “blog” – I mean I want to make some SERIOUS improvements to this site. Goals include; buy out the domain, get some guest bloggers, guest blog for someone else, make the look of it more personalized, GET MORE READERSHIP, etc.

That’s a task that won’t be accomplished in a week, but I will steadily work on it throughout the next 6 months – whenever I have time!

With regards to my case study, I need someone to volunteer as my participant. As a reward, you get a big writeup about yourself and which of your body systems can be improved (through food, supplementation and mind/body/spirit stuff – crazy talk as some think) – as well as a 3 day sample meal plan. If you want to volunteer (and have a real “reason” that you would consider seeing a Holistic Nutritionist) then let me know, ASAP!

Another goal for the New Year, is to teach my first class at CYKL. I’m ready, I just need to book a time – so that one should be easily accomplished.

Some photographic relief for you now;

1) Reasons why roommates are wonderful…

When I say “Please don’t let me come out of my room all afternoon – I need to study” – I open the door to this. Thanks Greg!

2) This pineapple mug appears in a lot of photos apparently…

My Mom, last time she was here, said “Hey, did you know that your coffee mug and the plant match“. Oddly enough, NO I tend not to notice strange things like that!

3) Saying it and doing it works. Being held accountable for my workouts is all I need as that added motivation! Plan “sweat everyday” has been mostly a success! I hope I can hang on for another 4 days, but with the holiday officially here for me – I’m making no promises!

4) Apples with pumpkin pie spice are my absolute favourite morning snack – I eat it at least once per day. In this particular instance, I threw in some almonds and a sweet potato cookie that I took from class the other night. What’s your favourite thing to eat if you get hungry mid-morning?

6) Lemon water every day!

It’s the best start to your morning, have you tried it yet? I would recommend it to everyone as a gentle way to detox your liver each morning. Just prepare it the night before, by squeezing a lemon wedge into water and then when you wake up thirsty it’s easy to drink!

People often think of the word “DETOX” as some sort of extreme diet where you consume nothing but liquids or whatever else – but the truth is that a DETOX can be any small change that you make to your diet/lifestyle that will make you feel better and improve your quality of life. If you’re putting 2 teaspoons of sugar in your coffee each day, a detox for you might be to cut back to 1/2 of a teaspoon for 1 month, and then down to zero sugar eventually.

My easiest suggestion for a light detox is to drink warm lemon water in the mornings in order to stimulate my liver to process any toxins, allowing for a fresher start to my day!

And finally, 5 of my tips for better digestion this holiday season.

  1. The more relaxed you are around meal times, the better your digestion will work. You can’t be in a “fight or flight” mode, and expect that your body will somehow properly digest the food you eat.
  2. The more you chew, the less strain there will be on your pancreaschew everything to the point of liquid form as a gift to your stomach
  3. Limit the amount of liquids that you drink during and after a meal because it interferes with digestive juices
  4. Don’t over eat, or your digestive system will be over worked – leaving YOU with less energy (I might fall guilty to this several times over the holiday…)
  5. Don’t under eat the healthy stuff that your body needs to fuel itself – sure you may have had 5 cookies for breakfast, but make sure that at lunch – you make yourself a super nutritious meal!

Happy Holiday’s!

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