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christmas pretzels and lemon juice

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The Holiday’s are fast approaching!

Have you started Christmas shopping? It’s crazy how much pressure there is to get it started early, and it’s not even December yet!

I haven’t started shopping yet, but I have a list. There is a definite plan of attack, as well as how and where I’m going to find all of these things – so I feel good about this year’s shopping. Especially being in Toronto, I think everything I need should be within arms reach (actually, that’s my neighbours window) a short walk or bike ride.

So far, on my list of things I want (as well as my sisters – but Mel, you are not getting this from me I’m sorry!) is a VitaMix. Sadly, it costs a lot of money so I don’t think anyone will buy me it…

Perhaps I’m just a suck for infomercial type products, but this blender is amazing! You can make soup and basically “cook it” at the same time. Because of the high powered engine, it actually heats up your soup while blending – how efficient!

And it does a whole lot more too. I can see myself using it for making my own almond milk and almond butter, smoothies, ice cream! MMM. It’s really not a necessity though and I haven’t yet been convinced that it’s worth the price.

Beyond the giving of gifts at Christmas, it’s nice to just sit back – relax and spend time with friends and family. Oh yeah, and bake Christmas cookies also!

My friend Leah brought over some delicious chocolate covered spelt flour pretzels on Friday night, so on Saturday night – I made some of my own! They are such an easy Christmas-y treat to make, not to mention extremely satisfying, and easy to nibble on.

We all agreed that the white chocolate ones were the best, hands down. I dipped all of mine in unsweetened coconut, but Leah had hers covered with sprinkles and almond pieces as well!

Here are my supplies…

This is uur Dollarama Christmas Vase! ‘Tis the season!

Yummy ! It’s nice that they are so easy and quick to make!

The rest of my weekend involved some homework, starbucks studying and working!

And some nasty looking oatmeal…

I was in a rush to get to work on Sunday morning – so I threw together some greek yogurt, pumpkin puree, oatmeal, pumpkin pie spice, almond milk, and fruit. It always hits the spot!

I also whipped up some Tabbouleh.

You can find a basic recipe here. The only thing I did differently was that I didn’t put as much parsley and mint in, and I also didn’t finely chop it. Next time, I will though! Their picture is a lot more green than mine.

To wrap up this post, I’ll leave you with a small tip that you can do to start off your mornings –  this tip will help you detox right when you wake up!

This is a good habit to get into every single day of the year, if possible – since we encounter so many toxins in our everyday lifestyles (food, environment, emotional).

Start your day with a glass of room-temperature water with the juice of half of a fresh lemon squeezed in. I prepare this at night, so that when I wake up and am thirsty, I can chug it!

Although the lemon is an acidic fruit, It actually is alkalizing in our body – which will help balance pH levels inside of you. Most of us are too acidic on a daily basis (which comes from eating lots of meats, grains, alcohol and dairy) and not alkaline enough (from fruit and veg). When your body breaks down these foods, you want an alkaline ash for optimal health and digestion.

This lemon water will gently stimulate your livers detoxifying enzymes and flush out these toxins before you begin your day. It should stimulate your gut and move everything along, as well as strengthen your digestive system. Try it, and make it a habit! It’s something to keep in mind!

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