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Here we are, Thursday !

Almost the weekend – and more importantly, almost time for some of us to have some serious holiday relaxation time! What are you most looking forward to over the holidays?  Here’s what I’m excited for…

  • Constant Christmas music and maybe even a few movies (namely, the Holiday – the Grinch – Miracle on 34th – Elf – Christmas Story.. and let’s be honest that’s all of the movies I can handle for one year!)
  • Sleeping In, no 6a.m. alarm clocks to get to spin for a whole week and a half!
  • Catching up with extended family, seeing friends, quality time with everyone 🙂 ’tis the season to socialize!
  • Reading for pleasure, not for school
  • New workouts, I’m way too routine right now
  • Cooking and Baking!

There’s my list. I hope I can accomplish it all in such a short period of time!

Did you have a chance to take a look at this?

This is a little different from what the Canadian food guide advises us on, but I truly think that my beliefs align MUCH more with this than the food good. We should all be aiming to eat much of our diet from the “BEST” zone in the center of the target! Of course, eating from the “BETTER” zone is great as well – but anywhere beyond that and you’re looking at the possibility of potential health and digestive problems with long-term use.

It’s not something that you need to live by, but it’s definitely worth a look to see where you fit in to this target. Is there any food that you LOVE that’s in the POOR section, perhaps you should consider throwing it out – since it probably does nothing for your health and vitality! Notice how alcohol and beer is in that category though – I think we’ve got a problem!!!! BUT, to save us – white wine is considered FAIR and red wine is considered GOOD! Now we are talking!

Moving on…

Yesterday, my day started with a healthy breakfast.

Same as the other day: pumpkin, banana, almonds, coconut, pumpkin pie spice + coffee + apple (non organic – no points for me)

For lunch, I met up with my Mom and her friend and we split some pastries and I had a ginger/cranberry/apple juice – YUMM!

Dinner, eaten quickly before running off to work: bulgur, cilantro, mushrooms, garlic, onions (made the night before)

My workout yesterday ended up not happening though. Woops! Not good for my 2 weeks of “sweat everyday” challenge.

I usually get to do a spin class while I work front desk – but last night was too busy!

After work there was a holiday party so there were tons of snacks and I made sure to sample all of them! Since I don’t have pictures I’ll just let you imagine – needless to say, I was pretty full when I left! I think I acquired a new blog reader in the process also, oui ?

Today’s workout was SPIN and that’s been accomplished. Tomorrow, I’m hoping for a run outside!

There you have it: see you later!

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