drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

guilty as charged

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Get UN-Plugged! At least for a little bit each day…

I bet it will help you stress less and find time for other hobbies!

Here’s a fun article that was in a magazine I read…

What do you think of this article?

As a ‘hopefully-future-holistic-nutritionist’ – something I would suggest to almost everyone would be to become a little less plugged-in.

Cell phones, laptops, TV’s, games, and everything else that I don’t know about… They kind of take over our lives!

Not that it’s a bad thing – I myself am a pretty plugged-in person between my Blackberry and my Laptop (Facebook/Blog/Twitter/Pinterest), but I know there is a fine line between having a healthy hobby with these items – and being completely obsessed/consumed/taken-over-by them!

This article is cute; though it may not be necessary to go to these extremes every time you have friends over. It certainly is a great idea though.

It’s all about baby steps with this, and whether you think it will make you a better person or not… it doesn’t hurt to try it!

Ways I try to be less “plugged-in”… (thereby reducing the stress that comes along with always having to attend to your non-immediate surroundings)

  1. I try to turn my phone to airplane mode by the time I’m in bed. No more beeping, buzzing, blinking lights – and nothing more that can get at my besides the people in the same house as me.
  2. Log out of Facebook and other sites when you’re finished. Then, if you impulsively go to these sites upon opening your laptop, you have time to re-direct before getting sucked into an hour creeping-session killing your day.
  3. Keep your phone ringer on “Phone Calls Only” or “Silent” when possible!
  4. Close/Turn-Off your laptop when you’re not using it
  5. Get rid of Facebook and Twitter on your phone, maybe you’ll use it less often!
  6. What other ways can you help with a plugged-in life?

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