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healthy – your way.

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Your kind of HEALTHY.

What exactly does the word ‘healthy’ mean to you? It can take on countless meanings according to millions of different people and sources, but it’s what you define as healthy that really becomes important (at least I think so anyways). I was sparked to write a post about this because of another blog that I read – and I really liked the concept of the article. It’s important to know that healthy can come in all shapes and forms and that one definition of what healthy constitutes is simply not enough!

Is your healthy defined as…

  • Working out every single day no matter what
  • Living by restrictions such as eating only ‘raw, organic’ foods, etc.
  • Pushing yourself to diet/exercise even in unreasonable situations
  • Not eating out at restaurants because you don’t know what you’re getting
  • Obsessing over the number on the scale

This is not my idea of healthy, but at one time I think that it was something like that…

OR is your healthy defined as…

  • Eating a “cleaner” diet when possible (I take this concept from Tosca Reno, an eating-clean guru)
  • Avoiding high fat, high sugar, high calorie foods
  • Working out as often as possible for enjoyment purposes
  • Trying to live a balanced lifestyle
  • Taking rest days
  • Accepting that your body has a natural, comfortable weight
  • Going by how your pants fit, not by the number on the scale (IT’S JUST A NUMBER!)

Life is about living in moderation, not living for perfection. If you strive for perfection you will never attain your goals.  Write down what you define as healthy and seriously try to consider whether your thoughts are realistic. Go through each one and decide if it’s a worthy goal, or if it will simply make you unhappy.


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