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heat wave workout.

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What do you think of this recent heat-wave that we’ve had in South Western Ontario?

There’s a few types of people here I think…

  • The ones who stay indoors soaking in the A/C all day
  • People who try to avoid being outside but know that life goes on even when it’s 35 degrees Celsius outside
  • Or, the ones who just love the heat ! Hey, we complain all Winter that it’s cold – so what’s the problem !

I think at one point I’ve thought of myself as each one of those. On a day like today though (which maxed out at 35 without humidity, I think) the weather was not going to get in the way of my plans to workout outdoors. Yes, It was hot. My Mom tried to advise against me going on a run outdoors thinking that I wouldn’t be able to handle it – but the truth is, you’ll be fine!!!!

Whether you choose to do your workouts in such heat is a personal choice, but I’d argue that if you’re okay with warmer weather, don’t let it stop you from running or whatever other activity you had planned. So maybe you will sweat more, be more dehydrated, and need a bit of an electrolyte boost by the end – but these are normal symptoms of a strenuous workout.

A few things that I have learned about running during a heat wave that I will share with you…

(After this other cartoon, couldn’t resist)

  • Give your body time to acclimatize to summer running – you need to let yourself get comfortable in the heat. This means that your first run during a week of really hot weather might not go so well, but I bet it will improve each time you go. This reminds me SO much of how I felt my first time in hot yoga, compared to after I had suffered through attended more and more classes. My body began to accept the 90 minute class performed in the heat, and the regulars didn’t even seem to be the slightest bit phased by what they were doing!
  • If you’re going on a REALLY long run (like 15km + , which I never do but sometimes read up on just for fun) you need to replenish your body of the sodium, water and electrolytes that it’s losing during that lengthy period of activity
  • Wear dry-fit clothing if you can! For so long I never spent a penny on workout clothes because I didn’t see a point in wasting money on things you sweat in. I was so wrong though, having a good outfit will make you MUCH more comfortable when you’re sweating like a pig. And maybe avoid black too, I felt my legs heating up with my black shorts on today.

Any other tips? Leave me a comment !

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