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Things I’ve been meaning to investigate…

First, The Doctrine of Signatures

This is something that I learned about in one of my classes, briefly.

The class was focused on Botanical Medicine, and I found it to be very interesting – especially knowing that lots of healing and medicinal plants can be found in our local wildlife. Just think, animals don’t have pharmacists and doctors prescribing them medicine, so why should we (just taking an extremist point of view here, for fun)…  Humans at one point were able to learn about what plants can do to benefit us  by watching animals, and their interactions with plants/ what they use them for – but it seems that nobody really cares much anymore with the introduction of pharmaceuticals.

Aside from this though, my teacher also pointed out something called the “Doctrine of Signatures”. This is only something that crazy  some people will choose to believe in, and at first I was skeptical. But I really have come to like the idea, and have no problem believing in it – so long as even a placebo effect will kick in. Just have to keep an open mind to the benefits! What’s the harm, right?

Now, what is this Doctrine of Signatures you ask?

I put together a little visual for you to check out (this was fun trying to find similar pictures!…)

Before you become skeptical (or maybe you already have stopped reading: DAVE I’m talking to you!), let me tell you the reasons why this “superstition” could be worth some more research. Yes, I said it – it’s only a superstition, no scientific evidence backing this up. Not the point though…

Walnuts first.

The look like mini-brains. And, go figure that they’re GOOD FOR YOUR BRAIN! Think, essential fatty acids which we need as an important part of our diet – walnuts are a good source of them!


They look like a human eye, and they are a an amazing source of Vitamin A! Vitamin A is necessary for photoreceptor cells found in your eyes. HMM!

Bitter Melon.

I’ve never used/tried it before, but I’ve studied it’s many many benefits. Well, Bitter Melon looks like your pancreas (found in your digestive system). You pancreas is what secretes insulin (which regulates blood sugar) – and bitter melon is known as a good blood sugar metabolizer!

Sure this theory is totally disregarded by the scientific world, but that doesn’t mean it has no importance. Believe what you like, but I think it’s pretty cool!

Now THAT is food for thought…


Another craze that I’ve been curious about…Intermittent Fasting

Someone in my program is currently doing some Intermittent Fasting (I.F.) – which is why I’ve been inclined to look this up.

It seems as though the whole premises around I.F. is to fast for a portion of the day, followed by a “healthy chow down” for a lack of a better expression. You don’t have to do I.F. all of the time, but whenever you feel like you’d benefit (say 2x per year) then you do it.

The way that he is doing his I.F. is to drink only freshly juiced fruits and vegetables all day long (say, 7am to 4p.m.) and then eat lots of nutrient dense foods starting around 4 p.m.

Logic behind this? A couple reasons I guess. Apparently you can affect the longevity of your life with a diet like this... mainly through calorie restriction (since most of us overeat on a daily basis – causing damage to our bodies). Another reason (says the person currently doing this…) is to stop ‘wasting’ so much time around food each day. Apparently you can increase your productivity if you do some I.F because you think and spend less time around food during the day when you need to be productive, and then at night you can eat all you want (healthy foods) and then head to sleep.

Other benefits (taken straight from the youtube video that follows)…

– Help extend life
– Regulate glucose
– Control blood lipids
– Manage body weight
– Reduced blood lipids
– Decreased triglycerides
– Decreased LDL cholesterol
– Reduced blood pressure
– Reduced markers of inflammation
– Reduced oxidative stress
– Increased cellular turnover and repair
– Increased fat burning
– Increased growth hormone release
– increased metabolic rate

Some things intermittent fasting (I.F.) has shown to improve:
– Appetite control
– Blood sugar
– Cardiovascular function

This also has no scientific evidence so all you non-believers may not want to try it – but it’s definitely something I’d like to try in the distant future (distant because I know my will-power is minimal right now!)

What do YOU think!?

Thanks for reading 🙂

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