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it’s not how many mouths there are to feed, but how much flesh there is on the planet.

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Here’s some food for thought, or just words that might spark thoughts – take it as you wish.

I get inspired from other articles quite often and this topic is just another article that I read, and decided to put my own spin on.

Have you ever heard someone say that African and Asian Countries are over-populated? Yeah, we’ve all heard this. Have you ever heard that North America has the highest population of obese people? Okay, so you’ve heard that too. How about this, have you heard that obesity is actually threatening the future of food security?

Think about it logically…Obese people eat more than the non-obese of our world, this is a given fact. Global Resources for food are certainly limited in some aspect. Now, why do we keep blaming over-population as the sole cause of depleting resources (food and non-food). Why not think about other causes – i.e. obesity as one of them.

I know this is a very scattered thought process going on here, but I’ve read that the weight of all humans around the world is about 317 million tons. The amount of this 317 million tons that is attributed to simple obesity is a whopping 17 million, WOW! May not seem like a lot, but when you factor this in year after year, that’s a lot of extra consumption going on.

Basically, I would hate to see how the world would function if every country in the world had the same obesity rates as North America. This is almost painful to think about – and my ideal solution to all this is to control portion size, as well as what we put into our mouths. Fast food need to not be a North Americans main staple in their diet. Carbonated drinks should be consumed almost NEVER. Exercising daily should be mandatory. The fatness of the world is exceeding the limits that our food crops can handle.

Now that’s food for thought!

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