drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

java java java

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Let’s just get one thing out in the open…


And I like it plain – none of this cappuccino, frappuccino, espresso stuff… just American coffee

I always wonder whether I drink too much though? Often, I’ll indulge in about 2 mugs per day (often in the morning). It doesn’t seem like THAT much to me, but when you see the size of my morning coffee mug you might think otherwise! I’ve tried to cut back, but I don’t want to miss out on that second delicious coffee. It makes me happy, I get excited at the thought of my morning coffee, and when I don’t have it – I MISS IT!

I’m starting to sounds obsessed, but basically I just appreciate a good cup of coffee in the morning.

As a coffee lover, I want to hear the benefits of drinking it- not the negatives. So here we go, now we can all be happy about the morning cup of java that we indulge in…

-Coffee reduces stress and anxiety (I would have to agree, considering when I was in school I would always grab a coffee from Tim Horton’s before an exam)

-Coffee contains chemicals that are helpful to lowering blood sugar (if you have diabetes, this is helpful)

-Coffee is a diuretic, which makes you produce more urine, which in turn expels more toxins from your body in the process

-Apparently coffee improves the function of the brain, and helps your mental functioning

-My favourite point; you can work out longer and will have more energy if you drink one cup of coffee before your workout (not 2 huge mugs like me, but just one cup – I can definitely attest to this)

-Coffee boosts your metabolism !

I have used another blog as a source, here it is if you’d like to refer to it.

I enjoy taking photos of my coffees, especially while I traveled in Europe and got a whole variety of kinds. Here is my photo montage of coffee’s I’ve enjoyed

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