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After teaching my spin class at Krudar this morning, I had the owner of the studio pull me aside to ask me my opinions on “Alkaline Water”. He mentioned that at his last fighting competition, they were heavily promoting it – but he really wasn’t sure whether to believe the craze or not. Of course, they had free samples – so he tried it, and said it tasted pretty decent.

This brand, Kangen, seems to be the most common – and most widely recognized. Have you tried it?

I already knew a little bit about Alkaline Water, so we had a great discussion about why it’s probably not necessary and how your body functions well at a neutral pH, so alkalizing through water is really quite unnecessary.

I wanted to do a little bit of my own research though, so I investigated earlier this morning.

Apparently, if you switch to a Kangen Water System in your house (for the low price of only 5000$), you will change your life. Doubt it, but let’s look a little bit deeper.

Our bodies pH level normally sits at around a 7. With a more acidic diet (full of grains, meat, sugar and refined foods) you will sit lower on the pH scale, and with a diet full of alkalizing foods (fruits and vegetables) your body will have a naturally higher pH. By eating a diet high in raw and natural foods, you will maintain balance or somewhere alike.

According to one of the videos that I watched about “Alkaline Water”, these people have invented a problem that simply does not exist. They’ve marketed something to consumers that we really don’t need in our lives. The normal water that we are all drinking today sits at a neutral pH, and that’s GOOD for us.  The human body has always functioned perfectly with neutral water, and the claims that Kangen makes are totally UN-scientific.

So, if you encounter any promotions surrounding this water – makes sure to ask a few questions and get to the bottom of it!

Funny enough, if you go to the Kangen Website – they can almost suck you in enough to buy into it with all of their claims, but I think I’ll pass, for now…

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