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mid week

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Today in class I found my mind wandering for the majority of it.

Most of this, was pertaining to potential blog topics and things to post about! I guess that’s a good distraction right? I’m just really enthused that readership seems to be steadily rising and I want to keep my blog posts more consistent. That means doing at least 4 posts per week, and keeping people captivated! Sure, I get that not everyone is interested in reading a healthy living blog – but for those of you who do, I hope you are getting some good information from what I write.I’m open to suggestions, comments, and even criticisms – just leave me a comment (warning: it might ask you to create some sort of avatar, I apologize for this glitch but don’t know how to fix it!)

Things that I was pondering while I should have been paying attention in class today…

(In no particular order)

  1. I did a recent post about what types of oils were best to use .Luckily, I’ve got even more confirmation and information on this topic now. My conclusions have guided me towards the fact that SOME of the best oils come from FRUITS, not nuts and seeds. Yes, this may be somewhat more of an opinion – but, as a general guideline it seems to make sense.
    • Coconut Oil (fruit) is amazing for heating to high temperatures, frying and baking. Get a jar of this. I use this one…

    It also adds a TON of flavour. Just make sure you find a kind that is organic and extra virgin.

    • Olive Oil is best when it is cold pressed and extra virgin. And also should not be heated.
    • Grapeseed Oil (which I have not tried yet) is great for frying and baking also

    • Canola Oil is BAD at all times – don’t eat or buy this. The real name is actually RAPESEED oil which I thought was a typo in my other post, but sure enough it’s not. They just changed the name to make it sound less scary!
  2. Other thoughts…I talked about using lemon water as a gentle liver detox in this post…

    Another small liver detox that I’ve been doing is enjoying Dandelion Root Tea once every couple of days. I had heard before that some people use it as a coffee substitute, which I am in need of because I still LOVE my morning coffee – so I had to try this for myself.

    Go figure, I actually really enjoy it! It sounds strange but if you like the bitterness of coffee (most likely if you don’t drink cream/sugar in your coffee), then you should give Dandelion Root Tea a try.

    I made a mistake the first time I drank it, and only used one tea bag. It was gross – and really diluted. After, I read the box and it says to use 2 tea bags for one cup of tea (which I still don’t see why they can’t increase the size of the tea bag in this case) – and you should STEEP it for 20 minutes. So, I did this and drank it & I really really liked it!

    I bought this brand (which is at your local grocery store)…

    Here is the benefits of this tea, according to its producers: Traditional Medicinals

    Dandelion root tea has shown “choleretic” effects, which means that it can stimulate the liver to increase bile flow.* Once bile is released by the liver, its two main functions are to carry away waste and to break down fats during digestion. Dandelion’s beneficial effects on liver and biliary tract function have been proven in pharmacological studies.*

    Also, there is NO caffeine in this tea – it’s totally herbal. Which is great for those of you trying to cut back on caffeine, but who still enjoy a hot drink. Tried, tested and enjoyed – I’ll be buying another box of this soon!

  3. Next random thought. Holidays = Eating = OvereatingDoes this sound like something that you can relate to? I sure can! So many home-cooked meals, desserts and drinks – what’s not to love though! Nobody is going to be a healthy angel in this time of indulgence, but there are things that you can do to prevent feeling guilty and prevent having a digestive nightmare.

    Crazy at it sounds, your thoughts and emotions affect your digestive system. Just think, if you are stressed and trying to eat a meal on the run – you are likely to have some digestive upset because you are not giving this food any sort of attention as you chow down. You simply cannot be in a sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous state at the same time. Stress means that you’re probably experiencing a sympathetic state – which is the opposite of what you want for optimal digestion. If you’re in a parasympathetic state (ideal when you are about to start eating) – you are able to rest, digest and relax so keep this in mind with your meal habits. Even something simple like taking a moment to yourself and a few deep breaths before eating is enough to stimulate your digestive system.

    Anyways, back to emotions and eating. If you are going to eat things over the holiday that aren’t ‘normally’ part of your diet – rid yourself of guilt or shame that you overate and just enjoy the indulgence so that your body does not resist digestion due to guilt or negative emotions (long sentence, but I think It’s clear?). It may sound extreme… but we know that our body is complex, and everything that you do/think/say affects us internally – so keep this in mind.

    Think I’m crazy yet?

  4. I’m in need of some new songsfor my Cycle playlist – anyone have ideas?They can be any genre of music, just need a good beat. Slow and fast work well for various things.

    Here are a couple that I’ve been liking lately!

Happy Wednesday, Keep Calm and Carry On (with the rest of your week)

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