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milling, refining, oh my!

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It’s amazing how much of the food you eat on a regular basis is processed, refined and totally NOT near its natural form whatsoever.

Think about it…

  • The pancakes you made out of a box this morning, filled with refined flours and sugars
  • The lunch meat you put on your sandwich, has chemicals and “fillers”
  • The pizza that you heated up for dinner from the freezer, processed and filled with sodium and other additives to keep it lasting for years to come

This is such an awful thought. So much of the Standard North American Diet is just crappy imitations of real, whole foods. These foods that the majority of people consume are certainly not natural, alive or good quality – not at all!

One strange phenomenon that has occurred lately is assuming that wheat and sugar are SO BAD for you. Well, the two foods in their natural form really aren’t so bad in my opinion (in moderate portions)…. it’s really just the milling and refining of them that makes them unhealthy because they lose almost ALL of their nutrients while being processed.

real sugar !

Raw cane sugar actually DOES have a wide range of trace minerals (which are healthy for proper bodily functioning), but almost all of these minerals are lost when the sugar is refined into white sugar. True fact – during this refining from raw cane sugar to white sugar; 99% of magnesium is lost, 98% of zinc, 93% of chromium and manganese, 88% of cobalt and 83% of copper. Same sort of statistics go for wheat milling.

Check out this photo of what a whole grain looks like, and what goes into making it into “white” bread. This is why whole grain is so much better!

The way to avoid a potential deficiency of minerals ? Eat a variety of WHOLESOME foods, with local and organic foods also. We can also try to ensure that the fruits and vegetables that we are eating are grown in mineral-rich soils. Make sure to avoid white flours (because they have been stripped of all nutrients) , as well as sugary products (especially things loaded with white sugar).

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