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Next time you go grocery shopping!

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Because I sure didn’t…

Next time you’re buying any sort of produce at your local grocery store, take a closer look at the little sticker that is slapped onto it! That four or five-digit number, actually means something! It’s not just an annoying nuisance after all…

Here’s the scoop.

A number that starts with 4 (ex. 4107) is conventionally grown with pesticides… Not ideal, but this is what occupies the majority of space in our produce isles as you will notice.

Non-Organic Apple

A number that starts with a 9 followed by four more digits (ex. 94953) means that the food is organically grown. These are the best ones to buy, because they are grown in a pesticide free environment.

Most of the fruit and vegetables that we buy are non-organically grown since they are cheaper, but those you are able to stay away from the chemically treated foods, definitely should. Pesticides are used because they are toxic to “pest life” or various bugs, but they are ALSO toxic to human beings! It is not natural for us to have herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fumigants in our body!

GMO Anyone ?

Finally, a number that starts with an 8 (quite uncommonly seen), means that the food has been genetically modified. The problem is, that producers of these products are not required to disclose this… So, of course, they don’t. Instead, the genetically modified foods that you are eating will have a #4___ sticker on them (like seedless grapes which are GMO).

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