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odds + ends

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Here are some odds and ends, since I haven’t been posting the past few days (or longer… summer got the best of me and I haven’t been glued to my computer so much) ! Now that the extreme heat wave seems to be over (although I can honestly say I didn’t mind the hot weather!) let’s check out the forecast for next week…

Kitchener Weather

Absolutely INCREDIBLE weather – This means that outdoor activities are number one on my to-do list this week, that includes patios, runs, and trips to Wonderland perhaps! And for tonight, Bobby O’Brians patio downtown Kitchener.

Odds and Ends # 2

An eating ‘challenge’ for anyone interested in a whole foods type diet. This website is basically about a family who took a pledge to eat 100 days of real food! You can see the rules here, or Ill try and sum them up if you don’t feel like reading the long version of them all.

This diet is something that actually MAKES SENSE to me. It’s not a phase-fad-cycle type diet. It’s something that will change your ways forever hopefully. It’s completely realistic, and in a perfect world I would hope to eat this way. Here’s my briefer than brief summary of the rules!

  • Drink ONLY water, milk, 100% juice, coffee (don’t use cream or sugar or artificial sweetener, just use milk), tea, and beer and wine are apparently allowed ! Don’t you love this way of eating/drinking already!
  • Eat meats in moderation (meatless Monday?) – and buy LOCAL meats. That means fresh from a farm near you – not processed meats, no pre-made burgers, no chicken fingers. Also, eat meat in moderation. There’s no reason to eat it EVERY day (in my opinion, especially because it gets expensive)
  • Wild caught seafood is OKAY!
  • Dairy is allowed – I like to limit my dairy because It makes me stomach turn sometimes. Milk, unflavored yogurts, cheese – all okay !
  • Lots of fruit and veg… Of course! We all know that dark leafy greens are just so good for us, right?
  • The main point was “things that are more a product of nature, than anything else” – This means that anything that comes in a box or can LIKELY is not mainly a product of nature. There are probably countless ingredients in these boxed/canned items that are unnecessary and unhealthy in our diets!
  • Oh and no white flour or refined grains. That makes baking a bit more complicated – but it’s worth it!

There are more rules, so you should really just check out this website!

Odds and Ends # 3

What’s the perfect summer day workout for you? Is it being indoors at a gym just like you do in the Winter – because I have days when I’m content to do that even though it may be 30 degrees and breezy outside. The past week I have been soaking up the sun each day with a nice short run (5km-6km normally). I’m not one to enjoy “long-distance” running so doing a 5.5km run seems to satisfy me just perfectly!

Here’s the problem though. Running on its own doesn’t seem like a complete workout to me. I feel as though I need to do a little something supplementary to add to my short run since it only takes about 30 minutes. Here are some quick ideas (and things I’ve done before)

  • a 20 minute ab video (p90x, something on YouTube, etc.)
  • squats, lunges and stretches while I’m still on the trail finishing up my run (think 30 alternating lunges forward – that burns!)
  • sprints

There are countless more ideas that I have also that I’ll save for another post ! Can’t believe June is almost over – Enjoy the weather!

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