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Hey All!

Normally I’m not as inspired to write posts later into the night, but there are a million and one things on my mind tonight! The weekend went by so quickly, as always – and I’m prepared to tackle my last week of school and work before my holiday begins!

Come Thursday, I’m basically off the hook! Until then though, assignments – exams – work – Christmas shopping – and catching up with some people before I go home to Kitchener for the break.

Here is my workout calendar update (for any of those following). My goal for the tenth of December to the 24th is to sweat everyday. Not that I need to remind myself to keep active, but it’s good to have a visual.

When I made my weekly plan for last week – I decided to TRY 14 days of “sweat everyday” before the holidays, but naturally there were a couple of short comings. I make these goals for myself in order to keep organized and motivated (I used to give challenges like this when I taught aerobic classes at Western, so I think it has rubbed off on my everyday life) – and as crazy as they seem, it tends to work!

I did end up taking Wednesday and Saturday off – one by choice, and the other because of an over-booked spin class.

This just reminded me though, that it’s GOOD to give your body a rest – no matter what exercise you do on a regular basis. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves, but the fact is that life goes on even when you don’t follow a plan or schedule…

As for this weeks plan,

  • Monday – abs (home DVD’s)
  • Tuesday – spin
  • Wednesday – spin
  • Thursday – spin
  • Friday – run or DVD workout
  • Saturday – leaning towards no workout
  • Sunday – Yoga, perhaps ?! Anyone want to go in KW?

Here is the fast recap of my weekend.

  1. Christmas chocolate and a holiday card from my managers @ CYKL – Awesome surprise to see at work on a rainy Sunday morning
  2. Snacks, smoothies and a HEALTHY homemade banana bread (no sugar, no butter, no prprocessed flours) – I’ll be sharing this recipe soon.
  3. Reading/studying about Diabetes and Hypoglycemia
  4. Visiting with the cutest little kitties in town
  5. Getting festive with a gingerbread house + gingerbread people!

Have a great week everyone.



Some of you may have noticed that I’ve been doing more “personal” posts as opposed to strictly informative blog posts lately. I had a comment that I should incorporate more everyday life into my blog, in order to make it more interesting and easy to relate to. Fair enough, I think that I really tried to avoid that at first – being someone who doesn’t life to share every detail of my days –  but I think that the personal touches are what might keep people coming back to read more and more? I’m afraid that by being too factual and just blogging about odd topics, readers become too disengaged with who I am and what I’m trying to accomplish.

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