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poor digestion.

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Ever eat a meal and have the grumbles in your stomach after?

By grumbles, I mean that churning – unsettled – gross feeling in your stomach. It’s not pleasant, and certainly not natural. If we’re eating what our body needs (natural, alive, and good quality food), chances are that our digestion will be nearly perfect.

However, this little devil called “processed food” has somehow managed to sneak into our diets. And it’s making our stomachs uneasy…

Looking for ways to improve your digestion?

Here’s a few tips for overall good digestion, hope it helps that unsettled stomach of yours !

  • Eat a diet low in fat and simple sugar
  • Make sure that your diet is high in complex carbohydrates
  • Eat small meals, often
  • Avoid red meat, dairy and alcohol
  • Try not to combine protein and carbs in the same meal
  • Avoid eating fruit right after a meal, because it interferes with digestion
  • Don’t drink much water before or during a meal
  • When sugars mix with fat or protein in the body, gas is produced

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