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santa baby

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Cheers to a lovely Christmas Eve.

So, we may have no snow – but the spirit of the Night Before Christmas lives on!

My day/night was spent in London, at my sister’s place – and here’s a photo recap…

  1. Their awesome Christmas tree (Star Wars ornaments hidden throughout, can you spot them?)
  2. Gluhwein or Mulled Wine-I first tried this last year at this time, in Switzerland. Upon first sip, I hated it. Throughout the Winter, It grew on me… And this year, I LOVED it. This was made courtesy of my sisters friend. Really, it’s just a HOT sangria – what’s not to love!

    The secret ingredients? Red wine, grape juice, citrus fruits, and this…

    A pre-made “Mulling Spice!” I can’t wait to make this for friends sometime soon.

    3. Mason Jars full of Christmas Cookies – the perfect gift for ANYONE!

    4. Puppy Love!

I hope that Santa brings everyone lots of love and joy tonight – maybe a couple of gifts also, If you’re lucky enough !

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