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Let’s face it… We’ve all had some sort of skin issue at some point or another in our lives…

Whether it be dry skin, acne on your face/body, or dandruff – they’re all issues relating to the largest organ of your body, YOUR SKIN!

The skin is constantly working as an organ of detoxification and elimination – but sometimes it might be overloaded. The skin tends to show what problems are happening inside of your body, by giving you VISIBLE signs that there’s something wrong! Did you ever make that connection?

If your liver is toxic, it shows up on the skin. It’s like a neon flashing light saying, FIX WHAT’S HAPPENING INSIDE of your body – not just outside with creams and pills!

Common triggers of skin flare-ups (like acne on your face) are often due to food sensitivities and allergies. Namely, GLUTEN, DAIRY, RED MEAT and BEER. So next time you get a pimple, think back to whether you have been eating too much of these foods.

Turns out, acne is often related to an overload of processed and refined sugars also. Think, white bread and white sugar in your coffee – these may have a severe effect on your skin condition. Any inflammatory food can also affect your skin – some of these foods include tomatoes and eggplant.

I may not be a skin expert, but there is a definite correlation between DIET and SKIN.

Wondering if there’s a natural fix for it?

Yes! There is!

If you are already experiencing acne, try a supplement of either peppermint, ginger or wintergreen (health food stores). You can try to balance your blood sugar if you’re eating a lot of processed foods, by taking cinnamon and chromium supplements. Also, Omega-3’s will provide an array of benefits to those with skin disorders.

Another product called Silver Shield has also proven beneficial for acne. Silver Shield is antimicrobial, moisturizing and it can be taken internally or topically! Same with tea tree oil, eucalyptus and echinacea (steam your face with these: a few drops in hot water!)

Switching to natural-based face washes and moisturizing with some sort of natural oil is ideal –  and should be a priority to buy when you finish your old bottle of cleanser.

I’ll leave you with a photo of my awesome spin class this morning (a bit dark, but still great!)

Almost the weekend ! Push through !

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