drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

stay healthy

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After I started writing the title to this post, I realized that it wasn’t very good – since really, there are no “secrets” to being healthy… But I thought it might be fun to share my insight, as well as the knowledge of others which I have picked up on from reading and talking to various people , about the best tips to stay healthy, fit and active this summer!

For me, the season that we have now is nothing short of incredible – but it’s too short! We have to take advantage of the beautiful weather and extra holidays that come along with the next few months. Even though I won’t be here this summer – I’ll still be doing my best to stay active and eat healthy. It’s difficult for me since I’m not allowed to cook my own food, and I work 12 hour days – But I am willing to try my very hardest to be all things healthy this Summer in Switzerland!

I’m going to start a list of random things that I’ve been thinking of so that you can still enjoy your summer, but also be dedicated to living better while having FUN!

  1. Take your new old dusty bikes out of the garage! AND USE THEM; instead of driving to get coffee, driving to work, or wherever else you drive that’s truly within a reasonable biking distance (let’s say, any drive that takes you 5 minutes or less you should be BIKING!) Think about the leg muscles that you’re building up, the extra cardio, the tan on your face and the happiness it will bring you while you’re saving on gas money!
    how appropriate !
  2. Bring healthy foods to BBQ’s so that you at least have a “better option” to snack on while you’re out!
    Personal Experiences: I LOVEgoing to potlucks and summer BBQ’s because they usually involve the most delicious burgers and potato salads or something of the like. Not to mention the desserts and mass amounts of beer or mixed drinks that we usually consume – so my solution is to bring your own healthy option that can fill at least half your plate! Think; veggie tray, a salad with tons of fruit and nuts, chicken burgers, thin buns instead of the big ones that overtake your burgers, homemade condiments (yes, you CAN make your own mustard and relish… I have yet to try but I do have a couple recipes on hand!)
  3. Drink less beer…. Wait, that’s not on my agenda
  4. Try new things this summer ! If there’s one night of the week where you’re always at home – brainstorm something that you can do each Monday to fill the void ! Think – beach volleyball , running club, tennis lessons, or ANY other sport. Or how about walking to a friends house and back with a visit in between, discovering a new trail each week to run, making a bucket list of activities and crossing one off per week – etc. These are just some ideas that popped into my head, and I’m sure you can think of a million more !

Well, that’s enough blabbing for one post. Next summer I think that I will certainly make a bucket list because you get more accomplished if you do! It means that you’ll make a point to be social, active and you’ll most likely branch out of your ‘norms’ !!!

Happy Summer

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