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summer sickness.

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I need to know, what are your D.I.Y home remedies for battling a summer cold/flu ?

I’ll be the first to admit, being sick in the summer is not a pleasant feeling. But, I can’t deny that I probably brought it on myself while visiting with friends, drinking a few too many beers, and sharing food and drinks all weekend. It’s a recipe for disaster for someone with a ‘weak’ immune system like mine. I should have know when my sister was quite sick not to stay overnight with her either, but hey – that’s the price we pay for having too much fun I guess!

Now that this nasty cold has stricken me, here are the remedies I’m using – and any more that you know of would be greatly appreciated.

  • Popping Pills: Echinacea and Vitamin C
  • Using this Deep Immune Serum that tastes awful (just plug your nose and take it back like you’re doing a shot of tequila)
  • A clove of garlic chopping up into honeyHere’s a quote I found on a home-remedy site to back this up : “Just like the title says, this really helps coughs, sore throat due to a cold or flu. The garlic is antibacterial and the honey is so soothing. Adapted from a home remedy site”.
  • Anything else that I’m missing: oh ya, maybe no more beer – eat healthy – exercise, but that’s just the obvious stuff, right ?

Happy Cold Recovery to Me !

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