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the good, bad and ugly

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In life, there is good – bad – and ugly.

That’s the truth – but when it all comes down to it, do you avoid or embrace the bad and ugly?

Without criticisms, how do you progress?

I can relate this to my spin classes… I started out teaching spin with little training but lots of passion. That’s often enough, but when you start advancing – you need more knowledge – you need comments – you need feedback, whether it is positive or negative – somebody needed to tell me what they thought of my teaching abilities. But, barely anyone ever did!

Fast forward a couple of years, and I improved by doing my own readings and putting time into my routines – but I’m still no expert! I finally had the chance to have a “pro” cyclist watch me and only then did I get really amazing feedback on my teaching techniques. Some of the things that I had been doing for over 2 years now, have been “wrong” so-to-speak. So, often – reviews can be such a good thing!

I wrote this article about Kangen Water last week. With the little information that I had, I did my best to inform people from what I know.

This article was later met with a comment… And to that person, I say thanks for the time to give me feedback on my blog. It’s appreciated and definitely didn’t go unseen!

” if the machine can in fact raise the pH of the water to make it alkaline, then how can you possibly say there is no merit to it? you need only research the role of pH in the body (specifically blood pH) to understand how unlimited alkaline water would be an amazing tool in your arsenal to achieve radiant health

i wouldn’t buy a kengen though- kengen is just a company that sells these machines, a multi-level marketting (network marketing) company. although the product is good quality, you always pay more when buying from these companies due to the compensation plans/business structure they operate. there are superior water alkalization machines on the market for less money.

“the claims Kangen make are totally UN-scientific” no they are entirely scientific.

you recognize the need to maintain a slightly basic blood pH (around 7.4 is ideal) but the difference is you suggest that if we eat a diet of mostly raw whole foods then pH shouldn’t be an issue. well, what about the people who DON’T eat like that? (i would suggest there are a few) their bodies still function optimally at a pH of 7.4 but they certainly wont be there eating a standard american diet. so, since you recognize that the body does indeed have an optimal pH then how can we question the scientific rationality of a machine that actually manipulates the pH of water to make it alkaline? following the idea that pH IS important, how would such a machine not be beneficial?

just food for thought “

Interesting, right?

My response was as follows…

Sorry that it took me so long to respond to this, I really appreciate the comment. What you have said TOTALLY valid and I think that I may have been overly biased and opinionated in this blog post, as I often can be. You’re facts are very true and overall I still am not entirely sure WHAT the true research shows about this water, I really do not know enough about it to comment any further – I was going off of the information that I’ve learned over the past few months (which has come from various sources). What I should have focused on would have been discouraging the use of alkaline water devices since you can easily alkalinize your own water by adding some fresh squeezed lemon to it – that and some other tips, instead of trying to prove the research to be false! Again, thanks for the input – it’s good to hear feedback!

I’m sharing this was everyone in case YOU also read the article and disagreed with it too!

My next step: I will continue to research alkaline water and come back with another post about it.

The feedback is what makes you better at what you do! It’s helpful and opens your eyes to a whole other perspective. So what I’m getting at here is to PLEASE not be afraid to ever give me feedback on my blog – whether it be that you hate/love the title of my blog, or disagree with whatever I’m talking about – let me know ! I love hearing from the readers!

Don’t worry – this is not what I think (below) !!

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