drive-thrus are for lazy people.

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under the weather.

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Good Morning, and Happy Tuesday !

Yepp, this cute little cartoon sums up my thoughts this morning at 7:00 a.m. I almost blurted out ‘HAPPY THURSDAY’ to my spin class – but I caught myself last minute.

Yesterday was kind of a blah day, even though I enjoyed going to class and then having a quick run down the lake shore and finishing with some core synergystics (p90x style).

Why was it blah though? I was able to pin-point exactly what the culprit was…

  1. There is STILL a lack of sunshine. I feel like it’s been over two weeks now of little to no sun! We are all becoming Vitamin D deficient. Yes, I’m slightly serious.Vitamins are one of the first things we learn about when training to become Holistic Nutritionists, since they are essential for growth – vitality – and health. Vitamins also help our digestion, elimination and resistance to disease! There are so many other benefits to a diet rich in a variety of vitamins, but that sums it up quite nicely for this blog post.Back to Vitamin D though, also know as the sunshine vitamin! It is manufactured on the skin when it comes in contact with UV rays from the sun. There are then some interations that take place inside your body that convert these UV rays to the active form of Vitamin D which can be used in your body. Wintertime, and days full of clouds reduce the body’s production of Vitamin D – so a supplement is definitely something to look into if you’re feeling a bit ‘under the weather’. (I got curious where this expression came from so I googled it…)

2. Daylight savings time ended on Sunday, which meant that the clocks went back an hour. It was great because I got an extra hours sleep before work on Sunday morning – but now it gets dark at 5:00p.m. If that’s not depressing, I don’t know what is… It feels like my days are now cut short. I’m hoping that I don’t feel this way all Winter because I enjoy going out at night, not hibernating.

current weather outside my window (and current traffic)

So all this weather means, Is that I’ve got more motivation to stay right where I am and study for my test in Symptomatology Tomorrow. I plan on taking a break tonight for an amazing spin class at CYKL with the studio owner who teaches a wicked 75 minute class. This whole “SAY IT, DO IT” philosophy is great for my workouts – because now that I’ve written it down, I have zero excuses not to go!

New philosophy for the month of November…

november philosophy…

That’s all….

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