drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

when life gets busy…

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I need to set more time aside for my blog !

Life gets busy with school, work and social gatherings – and my blog suffers… But, in order to keep people reading I know I need to keep up my postings.

Just a random observation that I thought I’d bring up in my next blog post…

Obviously the title of my blog “Drive-Thru’s are for Lazy People” is somewhat sarcastic. I myself still use a drive-thru from time to time – but I am conscious not to do it much anymore. Sure, you’re not getting much extra physical activity from stepping out of your car for five minutes, but it’s the PRINCIPAL of it all…

Chances are, if you use a drive-thru on a daily basis – there are probably OTHER aspects of your life that you have chosen to “simplify” or change leading to increased laziness and decreased exercise and social contact. Do you follow me?

The story behind this is…

I was in class the other day and we were making weekly meal plans for various groups of people. In this case, for a working woman who has busy children and little time to cook. One of my group members is a mother herself with children so she could easily relate. Naturally, she often finds herself in drive-thru’s a few times per week because “there are just times when you literally don’t have that extra couple of minutes to get out of the car” she said.

Her suggestion, a healthy drive-thru. Something like a Freshii restaurant with the option to do the drive-thru if you’d like.

My opinion – not the best idea. Aren’t these restaurants supposed to endorse more than the idea of healthy food, but also healthy lifestyle? I don’t think sitting idle in a car without any interaction with the food your about to eat is part of a healthy lifestyle. Going into the food joint is actually a much better experience in my opinion because you are more in tune with what you’re about to it. You use your senses to smell the food being cooked, see the atmosphere of the restaurant, hear the customers and employees – it’s all about the experience when you go into the restaurant! All of these things that you pick up on actually start preparing your body for digestion, resulting in better breakdown of foods!

So where am I going with this… Well, that’s it really! Just a few thoughts to get your day started!

Need a workout inspiration?

Here is a good one I did yesterday – abs + legs with a few arm exercises.

Start with Insane Abs (Insanity DVD)

I did the regular DVD but then I found this one on YouTube – I might give it a try this weekend !

Follow with the 8-Minute Plank Challenge that I found on this blog.

Here is her workout… I found it pretty difficult, okay REALLY difficult after insane abs.

Followed by my own creation. 

Do each exercise once through, then repeat 2 more times (3 x total!)

I hope this is worth your time – I enjoy making a routine before I get to the gym and then I always stick to it!

Well, that’s it!

Leave me a comment if you’re reading!

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