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which oil ?

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This has been a quick week, anyone else think so?

The days have escaped me between class and work – so my apologies for the lack of posts!

If there are any Americans reading my blog: HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

This wonderful Thursday morning started with a sweaty spin class at Krudar. I had my biggest class yet – which was amazing! The energy was high, the music was loud, and I think we were all having a pretty good time (despite the mega hill climb at the end). I know a photo was snapped at the end of class when we were all looking great – so I’ll be sure to post that when I get ahold of it.

I love this banner that they’ve got on their website – it sums up a spin class quite well! Hopefully I have locked in a few more people to come out at 7 a.m. now, even though it’s a bitttt early for many people (EVEN ME). The best part about it though, is how you feel after the class – at 8 a.m. when you are DONE your daily workout!

My eats lately have been pretty usual...

I think I need to diversify what my meals consist of though – because they tend to be quite routine (i’m sure many of you can relate!)

Yesterday, my stomach was feeling a bit famished by the time dinner rolled around – so I wanted something hearty. I knew that some carbohydrates were exactly what I wanted – but in the form of vegetables not bread (I’ve been trying to avoid gluten as much as possible since it doesn’t always agree with me).

I made my sweet potato fries because they are so delicious and tend to fill me up for a long time. Lots of cinnamon on top of these guys made them disappear in no time.

What’s the other sloppy mess on my plate you ask?

What better name than “Leftover Veggie Salad Slop”


  1. Avocado
  2. Purple Kale
  3. Tomato
  4. Sauerkraut
  5. Cucumber
  6. Onion
  7. Pine Nuts
  8. Chopped Almonds
  9. Dressing: Olive Oil, Bbalsamic, Salt, Pepper, Tumeric


  • Chop all your veggies
  • Add dressing to the salad
  • MIX!

It was really good, surprisingly! I think the sauerkraut is the secret ingredient here.

The only concern that I have about my sweet potato fries is that they are cooked at a high temperature (about 425 degrees F) – and I know that olive oil should not be used at high temperatures since it oxidizes when we heat it too much. This oxidization creates free radical cells in our body (we don’t want these) and can cause long-term damage to our own good cells. (This is why there is such hype around ANTIOXIDANTS, which neutralize these free radical cells…  now you know why you’re eating so many blueberries!)

good source of antioxidants!

So I’ve been contemplating the thought of buying some kind of other oil to cook with. Obviously, for lower temperatures – Olive Oil is fine! But at 425 in the oven, I need to have something else available.

The “Smoke Point” of an oil is as follows (thanks Wikipedia)…

Hmm. I learned some new things from this!

This definition got my wanting to DIG a bit deeper into this issue… What the heck are the smoke points of the various oils!? And which ones can I use to safely bake my sweet potato fries?

I posted the link to this website just above ^

So here’s my take on this…

Olive Oil – from my understanding should NOT be heated to higher than about 375 degrees F. If you’re using “extra light” stuff, then you can do higher temperatures of olive oil – but if you’re using regular extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) 375 should be your upper limit before it oxidizes and hurts your body.

You should never ever ever cook on high temperatures with your normal quality canola or vegetable oils – low only.

* At 438 F, stop using your “RAPE-SEED oil” – whatever that is…  (haha.. must be a ‘grapeseed oil’ TYPO) *

The plan now, is that for my next batch of sweet potato fries, I think I should opt for either; a Grape Seed Oil or an Avocado Oil or Sesame Oil.

I will check these out next time I’m at supermarket or health foods store. Hopefully this has been somewhat insightful for you! It’s always good to question your usual practices in the kitchen!

After spin this morning, I stopped at my favourite little produce store in the market. At 8 a.m. they are JUST putting all of the produce out on display so I get first pick of all of the good stuff!

It’s so refreshing to do some shopping outside of a grocery store – and to support smaller businesses. This little market in particular is half indoor, half outdoor – the people are great – the prices are fair and you just feel a little better when you buy this stuff.

Here’s some photos…

Pictured above (in order)…

  • Baby Orange Beets (from USA)
  • Some Brussel Sprouts (trying something different!) and Bananas
  • And lastly – Heirloom Carrots from Ontario – aren’t they pretty? I cannot wait to eat these since I haven’t eaten a carrot in forever – they tend to be unappealing to me most of the time… These look much better than the average carrot though!

All this stuff for exactly $6.00. Exciting!

Later today, I’m going to write a post about Skin Care since I attended a seminar on it last week!

I’ll leave you with a couple of cool videos of Toronto – I enjoyed them, maybe you will too 🙂

Awesome Time lapse…


Toronto Skyline…

“You might remember we featured projected images of the Toronto skyline that took into account planned (red), in construction (blue), and in sales (yellow) a few months back. The creator of those images now has a video flyby of Toronto as it will likely look in a few years time”

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