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At then end of the day, I look back and see how many WHOLE foods I ate that day. Ideally, this will be 100%… but in a normal world, it’s easy to stray away from this.

Office muffins and bagels, Lunch meetings, Dinner Dates, Nights out, Free samples… The list goes on, and on, and on.

The best we can do is to make sure that what we are eating on our own time is whole, nutritious and delicious.

Minor changes to consider…

    1. Eat the WHOLE egg, not just the egg white.-Contrary to popular belief, the whole egg is better for you than eating just the egg whites. Sure, the white is high in protein and some essential minerals and vitamins – but the yolk is also packed with good stuff. Think; vitamins, minerals, red blood cell production, antioxidants, Omega-3, and more. We need cholesterol to live, and yes the whole egg has cholesterol in it – but it is the good cholesterol that protects us from heart disease. Of course, your cooking method is important – so stick to poaching or boiling to reduce oxidization.
    2. Orange Juice – with PULP!-If you’re going to drink Orange Juice, buy the kind with pulp. Orange Juice from the store isn’t really a whole food, because it has been through processing (you would be better off to squeeze your own). The pulp is what contains the flavanoids which work as anti-inflammatories, antioxidants,  anti-microbial and anti-allergens (that’s a lot of anti’s!!!). More benefits are written in this blog post.
    3. Skin of Kiwifruit? Gross or not?
      I have always loved the taste of a whole kiwi, skin on – eating it like an apple. Sadly, when you peel a kiwi or just scoop out the insides you’re missing out on the fiber (which is good for your bowels), folic acids (which aid your metabolism), flavanoids (like oranges) and antioxidants! The initial shock of eating the skin might be a bit weird, but if you do it a few times – you’ll probably like it! Just make sure to wash the kiwi well before you eat it !

Happy Weekend everyone! Leave me a comment if you’re reading!

What other foods do you like best in their whole-form?

Do you eat the skin of kiwis?

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