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Quinoa, for breakfast ?

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My breakfasts are usually quick, simple, fruity and tasty. Those are really my only requirements.

I often don’t allot enough time to make myself something extravagant in the mornings, but this often leads me to not eating until late morning or sometimes even lunch (I know, I should know better – not healthy).

By making sure to have a nutrient and proteinpacked breakfast, you’re literally “BREAKING THE FAST”.

Your body has been in a sort of starvation mode while you sleep. Your poor liver has been maintain your blood sugar all night (somewhere around 12 hours) of not eating for me normally, so eating a healthy morning meal is a way for you to flick the switch on your liver from ‘giver’ to ‘receiver’  … make sense?

That, and many many mannyyyyy others reasons is why I decided to try something new for breakky today!

The recipe was an adapted version of one from this book that I got for Chirstmas…

blog 001

I never really thought to eat Quinoa for breakfast – but then I questioned myself, WHY NOT?

It’s a complete protein, is gluten-free, has plenty of vitamins and minerals, energizing, nutrient dense, quick to cook and delicious too! Wow!

blog 002

Cook your quinoa (takes about 13 minutes total)

blog 003

Add in your fruits of choice, vanilla extract, cinnamon + nutmeg (or if you’re like me, pumpkin pie spice), maple syrup

blog 004

I didn’t get a picture of the finished product – but there ya have it!

How do you like YOUR quinoa !? Leave me a comment!

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