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Pizza Tips + One Goal of 2013, semi-complete!

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First, let’s talk about the weather.

The sun in shining, I got to bike around without freezing my ass off today, and the Vitamin D is increasing my mood by the minute!

It’s amazing what a little bit of sunshine can do to your day. I challenge you to stop somewhere today, admire the view while soaking in the sun – and maybe even snap a photo of this gorgeous day – ahhhh euphoria.

In accordance with my Goals of 2013, I went to a Yoga class with a friend today. It was abseloutly amazing – even though I normally am not a hot yoga fan. Maybe because I hadn’t done it in a long time, but the peacefulness of it was exactly what I war craving.

My goal was to attend a Yoga class 1x per month, so far… success !

It was a much needed change from loud and energetic spin classes – and it reminded me that taking on a workout that is more relaxed and slow paced is really, really good for my body. For mind, body and spirit I think the yoga was awesome. (It may have helped that we got to go for free on complimentary passes, bargain!)



I got lots and lots of positive feedback on my post about my Homemade Pizza with Almond Meal Dough. So thank you for that! I love hearing from everyone whether it be good or bad feedback.

blog 012

Here are a few extra tips and pointers for you when you decide to make it.

  1. The ALMOND MEAL can be bought at a store such as Bulk Barn, or Bob’s Red Mill makes a pre-packaged one, which I bought (and spent an arm and a leg on) – but that being said, when you go by a pizza from Pizza Pizza, you’re spending WAY more…. Yepp !
  2. Pre-Cook your veggies before they go on your pizza (I sauteed mine in some coconut butter)
  3. Add any type of sauce or cheese to the base to your liking! Pesto, tomato sauce, mozza cheese, goat cheese – whatever you like!
  4. Don’t overcook it, or it will be really flaky. The dough is already quite dry.. Perhaps that was why Dave didn’t like it so much (I don’t mind the dryness at all though)  – you can help this by loading it with good toppings and drizzling some olive oil it once’s it out of the oven…
  5. You shouldn’t be alarmed if the dough is VERY sticky and wet before you press it onto the tray – that’s how mine was but it cooks up nicely!
  6. Please let me know if you do try, and how it turns out for you – I’m curious!

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