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Health-Tip Thursday


Healthy Tip Thursdays.

This healthy tip involves two words… COCONUT OIL

It must be one of my favourite foods/beauty products in the entireeeee world! I love it, love it, and love it some more.

You can buy various brands…

I often see this brand at the Grocery Store (above).

Image Source

The brand that I use is Nutiva… also available at most grocery stores.

It rolls in at abot 20$ per jar, but I guarantee that it’s going to last you for quite some time! (Make sure you’re getting the EXTRA VIRGIN kind – organic when possible)


Ways that I’m currently using it…

  • When I’m cooking at high temperatures.

    Since Coconut Oil is a saturated fat, it is less vulnerable to oxidation in the body (which in turn, creates free radicals). Contrary to what you might already think, it is much preferable to Olive Oil for heating to high temperatures. It also adds an amazing flavour to whatever you are cooking, especially eggs!

    blog 009
    [Pictured above: a one-pan breakfast that I cooked in coconut oil. Just heat one teaspoon of it on med-high heat, saute your kale for about 2 minutes – and then crack in 2 eggs and cook to your liking! Season it with cumin, sea salt and pepper if you like]

  • As a Daily Moisturizer…Nope, it will NOT make you break out and it will NOT clog your pores. In fact, Coconut Oil will do the opposite.  It is a natural anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal – so if you have acne prone skin – you’re going to want to try this. At first, I thought it would make my skin ‘greasy’ and ‘shiny’, but truth be told it does not. Perhaps for the first few times you use it, but my skin now CRAVES it and soaks it up. A half of a teaspoon is all you need. I use it before bed, rubbing it between my hands first (until it melts) and then applying it to my face and body.
  • As a way to de-frizz my hair!I used to use a store bought serum to do this, but why bother when I already have Coconut Oil on hand. You only need a TINY bit, don’t overdo it – I’m telling you from experience! If you use too much, you will look like a grease-ball will need a shower to wash it out, so use sparingly! A little bit goes a long way! Just rub it between your hands until it melts, and smooth down those fly away hairs!

There are other uses for this good stuff as well.

They include;

  • Rubbing it on your scalp to prevent dandruff
  • Prevent bone loss in osteoperosis
  • Use it as a natural Massage Oil
  • As a substitute for butter in baking!

I’m looking for even more excuses to incorporate it into my daily routines, so please feel free to share you’re favourite ways to use Coconut Oil.

In the mean time, don’t hesitate to buy it next time you walk by it at the grocery store.

In my mind, it’s a real superfood.

2 thoughts on “Health-Tip Thursday

  1. I’ve starting eating coconut oil every day lately. I have the omega nutrition since it is odourless and tasteless, since sometimes I just don’t want my food to taste like coconut. and we also have the Nutiva. Both are amazing, i love all the things you can do with coconut oil! eating and beauty, can you get much better than that seriously? It is the best superfood out there.

    My favourite is to add a big spoonful into my vanilla yogurt, it hardens fast but you just need to mash it up. SO GOOD. Try it 🙂

    • Hi Allison !

      Thanks for the suggestion of adding it to yogurt ! I’ve got Greek yogurt in my fridge right now, so maybe I’ll try that for breakfast tomorrow morning. Also, I’ll have to check out that Omega Nutrition one – never seen it before!

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