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The ever-debatable topic of… GLUTEN. Do you eat it? Do you avoid it? Thoughts welcome!


Happy Thursday everyone !

It’s amazing how on my days off, I can literally consume myself in nutrition blogs/articles /websites. There is SO much information out there, you barely have to actively seek it – it just seems to find you once you dive in! And my problem is, that there is no way out once I start… but hey, that’s what days off are for right?

After teaching spin class today, I decided I wanted to check out a fabulous bakery that I had been to back in November. It’s called Cobz in the Kensington Market of Toronto.

It is abseloutly phenomenal – especially if you’re a baked good addict like me (it was nearly impossible not to buy out the ENTIRE store once I walked in!)

I ended up picking up loaf of freshly baked (still hot) loaf of whole grain chia bread. It was pure bliss when I tried it before, so I knew I had to get it again…

blog 013

This bread is literally the best thing sincewell, since sliced bread

(I guess that expression doesn’t work in this case!)

Besides the chia seeds and whole wheat flour, it contains dates, raisins, sunflower seeds and cinnamon. Dreamy combination, I know!

blog 014

Besides the fact that you should go out and splurge on a loaf – I also wanted to blog about the after effects of me eating this…

I try to avoid Gluten on a regular basis for a few reasons…

  • It’s a common allergen for many people, though you may not even know it
  • It makes me feel bloated
  • I enjoy the taste of Gluten-Free products, often more so than regular versions
  • My Mom is Celiac so I’ve become accustomed to eating GF products, and think that I might have a sensitivity to it as well (though not necessarily a full blown allergy like my Mama)

Oddly enough, I did have a Gluten Allergy test done about 3 years ago (I was curious if I had it, like my Mom)

Problem was that I had cut Gluten almost entirely out of my diet for the months leading up to this test (because I knew it didn’t make me feel the greatest), and of course what I didn’t know at the time was that you actually have to be EATING whatever you’re getting tested for in order for the results to be accurate.

Seems obvious, right? Clearly not for me at the time. It would have been nice for the doctors/nurses to specify that!

The test came back negative. So I figured I had no problem with Gluten – and went on consuming it at my leisure…

But lately, I’ve noticed that often times when I do eat baked goods made with regular flour – or have a beer… My stomach is noticeably upset with me!

Without further detail, here are some signs that you might be Gluten-Intolerant…


  1. Digestive Upset after consuming products which contain Gluten (Soy Sauce, Beer, Bread, Muffins, Lunch Meats, CousCous) – without being too descriptive this could include gas, bloating (looking like you’ve got a baby on the way, perhaps?!), and problems in the bathroom
  2. You’re tired and lethargic after consuming it (this could be a result of many foods, gluten is a potential culprit though)
  3. Your moods change after eating it – possible feelings of sadness or anxiety
  4. Inflammation in your body (puffiness, joints swell up, etc.)

On the topic of inflammation, I read a really great/moving/sad/happy article from the NY times. It’s really long, so clear some time to read it though if you can. It’s about a Mom whose son was diagnosed with arthritis at the age of 3 (sad, right?) and was put on medication at such a young age. She basically refused to see her son dependent on medication for the rest of his life, so she started to seek out Alternative Medicine. After much heartache, there was triumph… and they were able to treat his arthritis WITHOUT MEDICATION, and through diet and natural supplements instead.

Here is the article, if you want to read it!

Anyway, if you do suspect (like me) that you are either Gluten Sensitive or Intolerant – you can look into doing an Elimination Diet (on my to-do list) or you can get an IgG or IgE test which will examine all foods, and show you every allergy that you have.

My  Mom did one, and found out that she was extremely sensitive to eggs – but never knew it all her life. It’s best to cut out these foods, since they are likely causing inflammation in your body (which is not pleasant for anyone)…

Anyways… that’s just more food for thought, I guess. Take it with a grain of salt and choose your battles of what bandwagon to hop on in regards to dietary choices.

On my menu tonight, I’m going to try this recipe from Joyous … Hopefully it turns out!



6 thoughts on “The ever-debatable topic of… GLUTEN. Do you eat it? Do you avoid it? Thoughts welcome!

  1. first of all, i’m jealous that you teach spin. I want to do that one day so bad!!!
    I’m the same with gluten, I have had two tests for celiac done (both negative) and an IgG blood test done and that was a negative as well. Although I do have an allergy to yeast, so i avoid a lot if it already. But i definitely feel better when I avoid wheat/gluten altogether.

    • Hey Girl ! Thanks for the comment. I think the lesson here is that we really just have to listen to our own bodies — and if our body says no, than it’s best to believe that over an allergy test ! I think it’s in my best interest to cut back as much as possible on gluten =)

  2. I’m having a gluten test in two weeks, Kels! Since moving to Australia, I’ve overly indulged in the amazing museli, fresh baked loafs and other gluten products without thinking, and seriously have never felt more… unhealthy?! Right on with the symptoms – thanks so much for the help! xx

    • Kate ! Thanks for the comment lady.. I know exactly how you feel. When I was traveling I did the same, and almost began to think that my symptoms were just ‘normal’ everyday indigestion. Truth is, we should NEVER experience that if everything is working properly inside of us! I’m trying to get more in tune with my body and figure out what the heck is going on… and gluten might be the answer !! Hope all is well girly xo

  3. It might be worth you taking a proper test.. bad idea to give up gluten before you get that out of the way (as you know).

    This article from covers the latest research on non coeliac gluten sensitivity;

    You might find it interesting 🙂

    -Kristine (as it happens, coeliac)

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