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Green Goddess Blend

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Hi !

How was everyone’s long weekend ? (Canadians only – sorry to everybody else reading this)

Family Day, though I didn’t actually spend it with any immediate family – was spent with loved ones and spent doing things I love (spinning, skating, watching the Bachelor).

Relaxing as the long weekends are, I don’t feel all that light and fresh today.

I slept great, I worked out lots, but I didn’t eat all that well. Leaving me feeling like there’s a 5 pound brick in my stomach.

So naturally, I started this morning off with what I was craving MOST

blog 001

Green Juice.

Today in the mix – a blend of 1/2 Banana, 1/2 Pear, Rapini Leaves, Walnuts, Parsley, Coconut Water, Almond Milk. Oh, and I opened up my Vitamin capsules and blended them into this goodness instead of swallowing the pills, WAY more enjoyable!

This was JUST what I needed =)

blog 002

Is it weird that I drink such a fabulously healthy drink out of a Rickard’s pint-glass ?


Let’s get the tunes going…

Here is a couple of songs for your iPod update this week (guaranteed to get you running a little bit faster on the treadmill tonight!)

(I know you’ve heard this one before, but it still hasn’t gotten old to me!)

Remix of Clarity – love this.


Recipes that I’d like to try…

  1. Garlic Sauteed Rapini (since I’ve got lots!)Garlic-Sauteed Rapini

    This looks ah-mazing ! Future side dish for sure.

  2. Healthy Eat More Fudge Chocolate Bars from

    Healthy fudge candy bars.

These look like quite the decadent treat – but I love that the ingredients are totally cleaned up from a regular brownie

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