drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

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Food. Fitness. Fun.

Hey everyone!

Here’s a quick update on life– I’ve been busy and apologize for the lack of posts.

Some foodie pics (because I love taking photos of my daily eats) ! Only the healthy stuff of course…


This was a detox carrot salad that I found on Babble— I highly recommend that you try it !!


A whole lot of greenery involved in this veggie focused meal!


Eggs for some morning protein (especially important post-workout) along with a Granny Smith apple with some almond butter. Simple, but healthy and satisfying. When possible, look for free range eggs as well as organic apples. As a hint, if you’re apple is glossy/shiny/waxy– it is NOT organic. Often, you’re able to find comparable prices with organic/non-organic. Bonus!


With the weather improvements, have you gotten outside for a light jog?

In running the Sporting Life 10km in a month, so the training is in effect! I feel confident that I can conquer it in record time. The only thing to hold me back would be my never ending leg soreness from spinning. I’m in the works of trying to improve my recovery time through proper sports nutrition.


Check out these blogs ! I love reading fellow nutrition and food-lover blogs; healthy ones of course! The more holistic the better– plant based diets, yay !

The Holy Kale


Pickles ‘n Honey

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