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Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

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Hi Guys !

As you know, I’ve temporarily stopped updating my blog (for now). As time evolves, so do I – and I am currently in the works of creating another website.

Over the past ten months, I’ve been working towards attaining my diploma in Holistic Nutrition. Two months to go, and I’ll be graduated – yahoo!

Please stay tuned for my next website, and in the meantime continue to explore old posts for new info.

You can contact me;

on Twitter: @kelseyreidl

on Instagram: kelseyreidl

or by e-mail (contact page)

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Food. Fitness. Fun.

Hey everyone!

Here’s a quick update on life– I’ve been busy and apologize for the lack of posts.

Some foodie pics (because I love taking photos of my daily eats) ! Only the healthy stuff of course…


This was a detox carrot salad that I found on Babble— I highly recommend that you try it !!


A whole lot of greenery involved in this veggie focused meal!


Eggs for some morning protein (especially important post-workout) along with a Granny Smith apple with some almond butter. Simple, but healthy and satisfying. When possible, look for free range eggs as well as organic apples. As a hint, if you’re apple is glossy/shiny/waxy– it is NOT organic. Often, you’re able to find comparable prices with organic/non-organic. Bonus!


With the weather improvements, have you gotten outside for a light jog?

In running the Sporting Life 10km in a month, so the training is in effect! I feel confident that I can conquer it in record time. The only thing to hold me back would be my never ending leg soreness from spinning. I’m in the works of trying to improve my recovery time through proper sports nutrition.


Check out these blogs ! I love reading fellow nutrition and food-lover blogs; healthy ones of course! The more holistic the better– plant based diets, yay !

The Holy Kale


Pickles ‘n Honey

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Why I’ve tossed out the Jergens Moisutrizer in favour of Coconut Oil

Your integumentary system.

It keeps the outside world OUT; and the inside world IN

This organ system has many functions (regulates body temperature, provides cushioning to the body, excretes waste, etc.) —     you want this system to be functioning optimally!

Your skin should be treated like a piece of expensive artwork – not a test canvas, do you get where I’m coming from?

Your bathroom is likely FULL of harmful skincare products, all of which claim to make you “age less” and “look younger” – but I have a feeling that they’re all lying. Last time I checked, our skin wasn’t meant to take on all of these foreign chemical-like substances that provide a ‘temporary’ fix.

Your next detox doesn’t have to start in the kitchen, it can start in the bathroom – and yes, you’ll still notice big benefits!

March 2013 005


Since I began my program studying holistic nutrition, my eyes have opened up to how complicated we have made our world. Food doesn’t have to be difficult, you can eat things grown in your backyard or a chicken raised in the town next to you. Beauty shouldn’t be so difficult either – if you won’t eat your products, why put them on your skin? It all ends up inside of you, leaving your body to detox the bad and eliminate it before it causes harm!

This also goes for those of you with children— their little bodies are sensitive, so choose products that are as pure + natural as possible!

Worried about aging and wondering how to get rid of those black lines under your eyes? Why not start with prevention through a whole foods diet… You eat food all day every day, and what you put down the hatch is going to have an effect on your outside appearance, not just the internal stuff! Just think of how rotten a smokers lungs would be after 50 years of 2 packs per day – and they usually don’t look so hot on the outside (even with a few botox injections)! Same goes for food + internal/external appearance…


Take yourself back to basics.

1. Read the book Ecoholic Bodyby Adria Vasil. [I’m part way through; it’s great as a reference to flip through whenever you have questions. No need to read start to finish]

2. Check out this chart from

3. Slowly clear out your bathroom cabinets, and replace with natural shampoo/cleanser/soaps/mascara/moisturizer/etc. I am in the process of doing this right now– it’s unrealistic to think that it will happen overnight, so take it slow. One. thing. at. a. time… The financial burden will be lessened and you can slowly adapt to your new products.

Dump this…

March 2013 003Add this!

March 2013 004

4. Use what’s in your fridge to make cleaning products, face masks, and moisturizers! An example of something I’ve done for a while now is to make a hair mask out of a mashed avocado + olive oil.

Put it on before bed// tie your hair into a bun// sleep on an old towel (it stains!) // wash it out in the a.m. – MAKE SURE YOU SET YOUR ALARM WITH TIME FOR THIS, or you’ll look extra greasy all day 😉

Now this makes for healthy hair!

March 2013 007

5. Do some of your own research! I’m not the expert on all of this (not yet anyway) so be an informed consumer! Check out the Environmental Working Group [EWG] website, especially their consumer guides!

Never look back.

Start reversing your aging process.

Make smarter choices =)

Feel and look fabulous!

Have a happy weekend, friends.


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Apple Pie Smoothie Recipe (or you might call it a Green Smoothie)

This smoothie may not look all that “apple-pie-esque”, but it kind of tastes like it!

Sure – I may have an obsession with green smoothies. But despite the similar colours each time I make them, they do all taste different!

blog 066

They taste especially good when served in a wine glass. Who said we can’t use wine glasses every day anyway?


Apple Pie Smoothie: Adapted from Jenna Orme

blog 042


  • 1 apple of choice, chopped finely (skin left on for extra fiber)
  • 1/2 of a frozen banana
  • 1/2 finely chopped Pear
  • 2 Tbsp. Almond Butter
  • 3 Pre-Soaked Dates (to make them more easily blend-able)
  • 1+ cup of Almond Milk
  • 3 Ice Cubes
  • 1 Handful of Spinach (or as much as you want!)
  • 2 tsp. of Pumpkin Pie Spice

blog 006

blog 068

Blend well, and enjoy !

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Feel Better, Sick Friends !

This post will probably be semi-annual, but it’s always a useful one.

Why am I interesting in chatting about natural ways to cure a cold/flu ? Because I think that so many people have it all wrong… Yet, they wonder why their cold lingers around for weeks upon weeks!

The old method of sugary Gingerale and soda crackers just aint gonna cut it, folks ! All that you get from those 2 “sick foods” is a dose of sugar (which actually DEPRESSES your immune system: the bad-ass system in your body that fights all day, everyday to keep you healthy) as well as an overkill of sodium! Yikes… where did we go so wrong? Cold and flu meds are useless as well, so don’t worry about making that late-night trip to your local Drugery to waste your money on symptom-maskers that are filled with some unnecessary chemical fillers – not to mention the fake colours and dyes that are used to make pills pretty colours. How was I once fooled into thinking these were the answer to a sickness!!??

I haven’t been nurturing myself as well as I should be, so I’m making a special note to have some “cure-me” time today. I have been feeling slightly lethargic, weak, and a little bit brain foggy all week (hence the lack of blog posts) – and I’m sick of it! No pun intended.

Here’s some simple tips…

HERBAL SUPPLEMENTS! Go back to your “roots” and use nature to cure younot drugs and chemicals. Try popping any of these within 48 hours of feeling cold/flu like symptoms, for best results.

  1. Echinacea


    Isn’t this flower beautiful? No harm in taking a double dose of this !

    You can take it preventatively to reduce your chances of catching a cold in the first place, or you can take it at the first signs and symptoms. The poor herb is actually threatened in the wild right now, so make sure to buy organic and high quality. Go to a herbalist who can get you a tincture for best results…

  2. Take your probiotics!


    Keeping your gut healthy with good bacteria will ensure that your Immune System is able to function optimally and fight off infections of all sorts! Quality probiotics are important, so make sure you buy a good brand. Your local health food store can help you with this. Probiotics are ESPECIALLY important for those of you who have taken antibiotics over the past 5 years. Sadly, antibiotics don’t discriminate and they kill off both the good, the bad and the ugly. So now, you need to re-populate the good!

  3. Garlic!


    I love garlic in all sorts of ways (and so do my roommates – best to stay far away from us after we’ve eaten it). The method that can help a cold and flu? RAW! Sadly, cooking the garlic won’t cut it as a theraputic way to use it. You need to crush it/chop it and then let it sit for 5 minutes before munching on it. The natural enzymes in garlic need time to convert from alliin to allicin, which is the natural antibacterial ingredient! Chop it up, let it sit, and put it in with a teaspoon of raw and unpasteurized honey to cut the taste!

  4. Rest up ! Give yourself a break – and sleep as MUCH as possible. Oh ya, and hydrate with as much water as you like. Preferably some warm lemon water water in there as well !


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Green Goddess Blend

Hi !

How was everyone’s long weekend ? (Canadians only – sorry to everybody else reading this)

Family Day, though I didn’t actually spend it with any immediate family – was spent with loved ones and spent doing things I love (spinning, skating, watching the Bachelor).

Relaxing as the long weekends are, I don’t feel all that light and fresh today.

I slept great, I worked out lots, but I didn’t eat all that well. Leaving me feeling like there’s a 5 pound brick in my stomach.

So naturally, I started this morning off with what I was craving MOST

blog 001

Green Juice.

Today in the mix – a blend of 1/2 Banana, 1/2 Pear, Rapini Leaves, Walnuts, Parsley, Coconut Water, Almond Milk. Oh, and I opened up my Vitamin capsules and blended them into this goodness instead of swallowing the pills, WAY more enjoyable!

This was JUST what I needed =)

blog 002

Is it weird that I drink such a fabulously healthy drink out of a Rickard’s pint-glass ?


Let’s get the tunes going…

Here is a couple of songs for your iPod update this week (guaranteed to get you running a little bit faster on the treadmill tonight!)

(I know you’ve heard this one before, but it still hasn’t gotten old to me!)

Remix of Clarity – love this.


Recipes that I’d like to try…

  1. Garlic Sauteed Rapini (since I’ve got lots!)Garlic-Sauteed Rapini

    This looks ah-mazing ! Future side dish for sure.

  2. Healthy Eat More Fudge Chocolate Bars from

    Healthy fudge candy bars.

These look like quite the decadent treat – but I love that the ingredients are totally cleaned up from a regular brownie

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Eat Clean for Better Sex?

I just finished listening to Tosca Reno on 102.1 The Edge Toronto — talking about how to increase your libido/sexual health through diet.

Anyone else listen to this segment? I loved the fact that Dean Blundell was endorsing the facts that men need to Eat Clean for better sex!

If that’s not motivation for us to clean up our diets, I don’t think anything will work!

One thing that Tosca said that stuck with me was that “You can eat your way out of health, or you can eat your way IN TO health” – It’s ultimately your decision. Nutrition is a KEY component in your future health, so why are you still eating the junk?

blog 005

My fave – “Morning Greens Smoothie”… I literally CRAVE it each day now!

blog 009

Eating a nice veggie-rainbow! Clean Eating – yes! (Cilantro, Tomato, Zucchini, Red Onion)

If your not ready to do a full overhaul of your diet, start to think about a time that WILL be right for this. Make a few little changes each month, and cut the crap from your kitchen slowwwwly!


In other news – it’s Bell Let’s Talk day today— which is raising awareness for Mental Health.


I’m super intrigued by this topic, especially since I just finished studying it in school. We must realize that the faces of mental illness are not just certain stereotypes of people— it actually affects a whopping 1 in 5 people, making it an extremely important issue to become aware of. Everybody can think of someone affected by Mental Health issues, and today is a time to bring awareness to it…

A quote from Bell Let’s Talk…

“Once depression is recognized, help can make a difference for 80% of people who are affected, allowing them to get back to their regular activities”.

Spread the word (and the love) people!

Relating this back to nutrition– ZINC is a commonly deficient nutrient in people with mental health disorders. Zinc is in every body cell and it’s necessary for the proper action of your hormones. It plays an especially large role in the development of Alzheimer’s and Anorexia.

Ways to get your Zinc?

(Yes you can take a good multi-vitamin, but let’s talk food…)

  • Oyster (you best source!) – but since I don’t eat Oysters, what else ?
  • Pumpkin Seeds – these little green guys are VERY high in Zinc
    blog 006
  • Ginger Root
  • Pecans
  • Whole Wheat/Rye
  • Oats
  • Brazil Nuts

How Do You Like YOUR Zinc?

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