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Eat Your Way Through Valentines– Without the GUILT!

If you’re like me – you look for any reason under the sun to do some baking.

Cooking, I’m not so fond of. But baking is different…  I’ve always felt a sense of comfort in baking, maybe because it reminds me of home and happiness.

With Valentines Day coming up tomorrow, are you planning to bake anything for your “Valentine”/Friend/Family/Roommate/Etc… ?

It will likely make their day a bit brighter – so pick one of these “healthier” cookie recipes to whip up before tomorrow.

Happy Valentines!

Reading Week 2011 062

(This photo is from the “Love Your Body Campaign” that I put on during my undergrad)

Recipe # 1

From the blog, “The Healing Kitchen”



They are dairy free, gluten free, mostly raw, sugar free, vegan, vegetarian – you name it!


Recipe # 2

This recipe comes from the blog Squirrelly Minds…

These are Peanut Butter and Oat bites: Vegan Approved!

I have made a very similar recipe to these before, and I love them because they are SIMPLE. Quick, not too time consuming, and tons of taste!

PB & Oat Bites Recipe from Squirrelly Minds


Recipe # 3

For the raw-foodie – this recipe from Ravishing Raw looks SO good.

(Click the link to see the photo)

I love that they’ve used avocado and carob as opposed to traditional ingredients found in mousse. Much healthier!

The options are really endless!

Happy Healthy Baking !

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Starbucks Santa

Santa came early this year…

And with him, he brought mass amounts of Starbucks Baked Goods.

Naturally, I indulged in a few of these tasty absolutely delicious treats.

Which, got me thinking… (This nutrition program is really killing my enjoyment of eating whatever I want)

What is the nutritional content of these Starbucks goodies? Let’s take a look… (courtesy of the company website)

  1.  The “Chocolate Chunk Cookie”Calories/Fat (g)/Carbs (g) /Fiber (g) /Protein
    Chocolate Chunk Cookie 380 17 51 2 4
  2. The “Oat Bar”
    Blueberry Oat Bar 370 14 47 5 6
  3. The “Ginger Molasses Cookie”
    Ginger Molasses Cookie 390 11 67 <1 6
  4. The “Coffee Cake”
    Reduced-Fat Banana Chocolate Chip Coffee Cake 400 8 80 4 5
  5. The “Cake Pop”
    Raspberry Truffle Cake Pop 160 8 24 <1 2

Okay, let’s summarize this.

The average 20 something year old girl will probably need about 1500 calories a day if she’s moderately active. A single piece of this reduced-fat coffee cake has almost one third of her daily intake of calories! Sure, calories aren’t everything (nutritional content of food is also very important), but these baked goods should be eaten in SERIOUS moderation!

A single cake-pop is probably your best option for having a Starbucks treat.

The lesson here: don’t be deceived by the names of these desserts. Just because there are oats in the oat-bar…. doesn’t mean it can be considered a healthy breakfast!

I won’t even bother digging into the nutritional info for their drinks (at least not until after the holiday season). After all, ’tis the season for indulging !