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five short-term goals…

Daily Blab: Keeping up with my goals

February is almost over, and with that – most people have totally lost their ‘New Years Resolutions’. Not me though, because I didn’t make any! Well I sort of did, but instead of calling them New Years Resolutions, I wrote up a simple list of goals. Things that I’d like to accomplish, almost like a 2013 bucket list.

Knowing that my preferences and lifestyle changes from day to day and month to month, I didn’t feel like setting myself up for failure with a New Years Resolution.

For me, the likelihood of sticking to a short-term goal is much more probable than long-term ones – most of us naturally lose site of what we set as our targets and then end up forgetting them all together. So, today I’m writing out 5 short-term goals for the month of March. Ideally, I will achieve all 5 – but if not, I won’t beat myself up over it! I’ll reward myself for the ones I did have success with, and try a second time to accomplish any that didn’t go so well.

Here we go..

  1. Keep my food diary, so that I can ditch the unnecessary snacking.Mindless eating is one of my worst habits, and I do it every single day. This week, I’m writing down everything that goes into my mouth – In hopes that that enough will deter me from mindless munching.FoodLog

2. Read before bed. Every night!

I do it once or twice a week, but normally I’m too exhausted by the end of the day. That being said, there’s always time for a couple pages of reading – no excuses! Look at this stack of books that I have to choose from!

blog 005

blog 004

Top 3 books to finish in the month of March = Blog inc., The 4 Agreements, and Eating Alive.

blog 001

3. Make sure that I’m getting enough protein.

Without much meat and fish in my diet, it’s been more of a conscious effort to get enough protein in my daily eats. I’ve got to start cooking up more beans and legumes! Hummus, anyone?

blog 006

4. Use my spare time wisely.

Time is valuable, we all know that! Free time should be spent doing things I love, things that make me happy, and being productive! That’s it, that’s all.

blog 006

5. And finally, guzzle down more h2o! Especially lemon water.

More lemon water = healthier skin, more detox, stronger immune system (lots of Vitamin C in lemons), gets your system moving in the morning so that you can get all that ‘shit’ out of your body! Great, eh!?

Of course, I have a million other goals in mind – but I started with the basics. Cleansing doesn’t have to be a MAJOR life shift – it can be something so simple as eating more vegetables or cutting back on caffeine.

What are your goals of March? Leave me a comment below and I promise to help keep you on track, if you do the same for me!

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Food Log

Happy Sunday Funday.

How was your weekend? With Sunday night upon us, it’s time to think about our goals for the upcoming week.

Last week, I decided to write a “Food Diary” each day. There are many reasons that I wanted to do this…

  • To see what percentage of fats/carbs/proteins I’m getting on a typical day (eating less meat, I’m starting to wonder if I’m consuming enough protein…)
  • To figure out which foods agree and/or disagree with me
  • To understand why I crave sugar late at night
  • To control mindless eating

I recorded all foods that I consumed Monday thru Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday I was thrown off track a bit. That means that I’m going to re-start it for this week – starting tomorrow.

If you’re interested in trying this with me, here’s what you need to do.


How to Use this Food Log.

No, it’s not rocket science – but here’s a few helpful hints

  • Record EVERYTHING – even drinks (yes, water too!!) So – If you snack on a handful of almonds or take a bite of your friends pizza – you still have to record it! The point is that you want to be able to see exactly what you’re putting into your body, and then you can really start to analyze it and pick out the good, bad and ugly
  • If you know that you had a slip up, such as consuming no protein throughout a whole day – write it down so that you don’t make that mistake over again
  • If you feel bloated or gassy, or have any such ‘symptoms’ after a meal – record it ! You want to address the root cause of this, and GET RID OF IT!

You can include Saturday and Sunday if you like, but I tend to get off track on weekends due to working long days and going out to eat with friends. Remember, trying to attain perfection is just as bad as eating a dead rat! Was that the phrase!?

If all goes well, my food log will be completed fully by Friday evening! Then I can analyze it further and start fixing my ‘problem areas’.

Don’t forget that you are what you eat!

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do it with an INTENTION

Take a moment and answer some of these questions.

  1. Why do you workout? Do you love the sport you play? Is it the only time that you get to catch up with your best friend? Is it to live a better life?

  2. If someone told you that working out has been scientifically proven not to make you lose weight or gain muscle, would you still do it?

  3. How does working out make you feel? Like you got run over by a bus (either in a good or a bad way), or like you’re on a ‘high‘ that nobody can bring you down from ?

(A conversation that I had after work this morning sparked these thoughts in my head).

I then had to question myself, “Why do I workout!?” (Not that I don’t know the answers – but it had been a while since a thought like this crossed my mind)

The gym that I work at is predominately a Muay Thai Training Facility. The owner wants everyone walking in that door to become a champion. Whether they’re old or young, fit or obese, a CEO or a retail store employeethey will become champions. So, there you have it – people walking through the door, no matter who they are, are there to become champions in their own life – inside and outside of training. That’s the kind of INTENT that keeps them coming back day after day after day. After talking to him about this, I too now want to become a champion!

Besides the spelling error in this quote, I like it.


Bringing more intent to my workouts will help me focus on why I’m really there – and why I devote so much time to all things fitness. I already know that I love it, but there are many many other reasons to keep me coming back to spinning, running, group fitness classes, outdoor activity, etc.

Finding those reasons and reminding yourself why right before a workout will keep you on track and keep you coming back for more by knowing that there’s purpose in your routine.

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Goals of the New Year.

Happy New Year Everybody!

How did you ring in the New Year?

I spent mine with friends and family – beginning with an amazing pulled pork potluck dinner and a ‘photo booth’, followed by a night of catching up with friends and drinking lots of champagne! Cheers to that!

Sadly, I didn’t take a single photo on my camera!

The New Year always gets me thinking about making some ‘Resolutions’ – which usually include; read more books and be the best version of myself. Lame and boring, I know.

This year… I’m getting specific. These goals will be posted on my blog for the year, serving as a constant reminder of what I’d like to accomplish in the year of 2013. Making it visible will definitely increase the odds of these goals being attained, If I know myself at all! And my list is allowed to grow or shrink at any time, it’s not restricted to what it is now – because a lot changes from month to month!


Here are my goals, as of now.

☐ Buy a new Bike – mine is a junker.

☐ Following my purchase of a New/Used Road Bike – Join an outdoor cycling club

☐ Try a ‘Barre’ Fitness Class


☐ Increase readership to my blog

☐ Write an article for a magazine or newspaper

☐ Shadow a Holistic Nutritionist for a day

☐ Run another 1/2 Marathon and do it in 2 Hours or LESS!

☐ Try a 3-Day Juice Fast, and report  back if I live

☐ Read more (yepp, it made the list again this year!)

☐… more to come… this is only the beginning!