drive-thrus are for lazy people.

Living my healthiest and most holistic life, without a drive-thru !

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’til christmas day…

Sweat once per day, that’s my goal.

It doesn’t have to be anything crazy – but I want to squeeze in some sort of workout each day from now until December 24th. Then, on Christmas Day and onwards – I will take time to relax and just go with the flow. Sure, we can make ourselves excuses for not getting our sweat on often enough, but let’s face it – EVERYONE can squeeze in 50 pushups (yepp – that’s enough to make you sweat!)

I showed you guys my workout calendar on an earlier post…

(this photo isn’t up to date)

So here is my plan for the week

  • Monday: DVD ab workout (30 mins)
  • Tuesday: Teach spin class + some ab work after
  • Wednesday: CYKL spin class
  • Thursday: Teach spin + Stretching after
  • Friday: Go for a run at home (weather pending) or indoor workout
  • Saturday: Whatever I feel like
  • Sunday: CYKL spin class

Now that I said it… let’s see how I do ! I made this image back in November but forgot about it, so let’s just carry it over to December !

Sweating once a day makes me feel amazing, so here we go!

Happy Monday!

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Good Morning !

Thanks for stopping by.

After teaching my spin class at Krudar this morning, I had the owner of the studio pull me aside to ask me my opinions on “Alkaline Water”. He mentioned that at his last fighting competition, they were heavily promoting it – but he really wasn’t sure whether to believe the craze or not. Of course, they had free samples – so he tried it, and said it tasted pretty decent.

This brand, Kangen, seems to be the most common – and most widely recognized. Have you tried it?

I already knew a little bit about Alkaline Water, so we had a great discussion about why it’s probably not necessary and how your body functions well at a neutral pH, so alkalizing through water is really quite unnecessary.

I wanted to do a little bit of my own research though, so I investigated earlier this morning.

Apparently, if you switch to a Kangen Water System in your house (for the low price of only 5000$), you will change your life. Doubt it, but let’s look a little bit deeper.

Our bodies pH level normally sits at around a 7. With a more acidic diet (full of grains, meat, sugar and refined foods) you will sit lower on the pH scale, and with a diet full of alkalizing foods (fruits and vegetables) your body will have a naturally higher pH. By eating a diet high in raw and natural foods, you will maintain balance or somewhere alike.

According to one of the videos that I watched about “Alkaline Water”, these people have invented a problem that simply does not exist. They’ve marketed something to consumers that we really don’t need in our lives. The normal water that we are all drinking today sits at a neutral pH, and that’s GOOD for us.  The human body has always functioned perfectly with neutral water, and the claims that Kangen makes are totally UN-scientific.

So, if you encounter any promotions surrounding this water – makes sure to ask a few questions and get to the bottom of it!

Funny enough, if you go to the Kangen Website – they can almost suck you in enough to buy into it with all of their claims, but I think I’ll pass, for now…

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destination runs.

Having trouble pushing yourself those extra few kilometers on your daily run? For me, most days I call it quits at about 5-6km. Not because I don’t think that I can run more, but more because I just “give up” and get tired. I know how hard it can be to push yourself when it seems easier to walk it out and just let your body do what it wants – but where can us so-called “short-distance” runners find the motivation we need to run those extra kilometers?

Here is my solution, or something that I know works. It’s called Destination Runs and it is exactly what it sounds like. I want to challenge anyone reading this that enjoys running to try one. The reason for doing a destination is to run more distance than you would on a normal day. Another reason is to prove to yourself that you can run that extra distance, without falling over of a heart attack. It’s worth trying, I promise.

The simplest way to do a destination run is map out your route, say a 7km set route from point A to B that I’m going to follow. You can do this using Then, get someone to drive in another car alongside to your end point. Leave one car there, and go back to the start point with your driver. Now, let the race begin!

The joy of this is that, it’s not over until you touch that car. You have no choice and I honestly think that it’s the motivation that some people need to prove to themselves that they CAN run x km’s.

I’ve tried this, it worked for me, and that’s why I’m recommending it to others. It might be a little bit of a hassle to do the car drop, but if you have another way to do this – let me know. It’s worth a shot, at the very least.

Anyone who knows me knows I love to run – but I really do find it hard to run long distances (for me a ‘long distance’ is 5-20km). I’m always struggling to run non-stop on longer distances – so, if you have any good techniques, please share them with me!

Happy Running!