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smashing ceramic tiles.

Why am I smashing ceramic tiles ?

To make my OWN mosaic ! I know it sounds crazy, but I got inspiration from a friend that I met in Portugal. She was from Finland and one night she showed me this amazing mosaic project that she had previously worked on in Peru where she lived for a few months. She found a tonne of old broken tiles, and decided to make a big mosaic in the outdoor kitchen of the hostel where she was working.

I’m not sure where she got the inspiration to do this, but it looked incredible from the photos I saw. She made a mosaic of The Great Wave off Kanagawa, which I really had never heard of before this. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, just go to google images and type in “Japanese Wave” and you might recognize it. Actually, here’s a photo to save you some time…

the great wave off kanagawa

I have not started the project yet, but I did pick up the materials. I bought three colours of ceramic tiles to smash up (two shades of blue and a white). I also had to buy paint, and tile adhesive. I’ll be doing my mosaic on a piece of plywood that’s about 4×3 ft. I’ll be sure to update my progress as I experiment with my first ever MOSAIC!

Have you ever had an experience making mosaics ?