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summer drinks.


Okay, well maybe it’s not officially summer yet but the weather sure makes me feel like it is! When you have 30 degree weather, and you have your first cottage weekend of the season – it officially feels like summer. One of my “summer blog series” that I’m going to start is “Favorite Drink Friday’s”. Since I love trying new drinks (whether it be beer, wine or mixed-drinks), I’m going to start sharing them with you!

For my first ever, “Favourite Drink Friday’s“, I have a modified and healthier version of a Bellini! The recipe is SO simple, and everyone who owns a blender needs to try this.

Recipe : Ingredients

-Canned OR Frozen Peaches


-Champagne or Prosecco

All you do is combine the peaches and ice in a blender, until it is a good consistency – then pour into a glass and top with about 1 cup of Champagne!

Simple, Delicious and REFRESHING.

I just spent the night at a friends cottage, and these were the drinks that we enjoyed while catching up outside, by the dock. Can you think of a better way to spend an afternoon !? I can’t.

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE (okay, so it’s Thursday night – we’re almost there though).