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Goals of the New Year.

Happy New Year Everybody!

How did you ring in the New Year?

I spent mine with friends and family – beginning with an amazing pulled pork potluck dinner and a ‘photo booth’, followed by a night of catching up with friends and drinking lots of champagne! Cheers to that!

Sadly, I didn’t take a single photo on my camera!

The New Year always gets me thinking about making some ‘Resolutions’ – which usually include; read more books and be the best version of myself. Lame and boring, I know.

This year… I’m getting specific. These goals will be posted on my blog for the year, serving as a constant reminder of what I’d like to accomplish in the year of 2013. Making it visible will definitely increase the odds of these goals being attained, If I know myself at all! And my list is allowed to grow or shrink at any time, it’s not restricted to what it is now – because a lot changes from month to month!


Here are my goals, as of now.

☐ Buy a new Bike – mine is a junker.

☐ Following my purchase of a New/Used Road Bike – Join an outdoor cycling club

☐ Try a ‘Barre’ Fitness Class


☐ Increase readership to my blog

☐ Write an article for a magazine or newspaper

☐ Shadow a Holistic Nutritionist for a day

☐ Run another 1/2 Marathon and do it in 2 Hours or LESS!

☐ Try a 3-Day Juice Fast, and report  back if I live

☐ Read more (yepp, it made the list again this year!)

☐… more to come… this is only the beginning!