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Food Log

Happy Sunday Funday.

How was your weekend? With Sunday night upon us, it’s time to think about our goals for the upcoming week.

Last week, I decided to write a “Food Diary” each day. There are many reasons that I wanted to do this…

  • To see what percentage of fats/carbs/proteins I’m getting on a typical day (eating less meat, I’m starting to wonder if I’m consuming enough protein…)
  • To figure out which foods agree and/or disagree with me
  • To understand why I crave sugar late at night
  • To control mindless eating

I recorded all foods that I consumed Monday thru Wednesday, but Thursday and Friday I was thrown off track a bit. That means that I’m going to re-start it for this week – starting tomorrow.

If you’re interested in trying this with me, here’s what you need to do.


How to Use this Food Log.

No, it’s not rocket science – but here’s a few helpful hints

  • Record EVERYTHING – even drinks (yes, water too!!) So – If you snack on a handful of almonds or take a bite of your friends pizza – you still have to record it! The point is that you want to be able to see exactly what you’re putting into your body, and then you can really start to analyze it and pick out the good, bad and ugly
  • If you know that you had a slip up, such as consuming no protein throughout a whole day – write it down so that you don’t make that mistake over again
  • If you feel bloated or gassy, or have any such ‘symptoms’ after a meal – record it ! You want to address the root cause of this, and GET RID OF IT!

You can include Saturday and Sunday if you like, but I tend to get off track on weekends due to working long days and going out to eat with friends. Remember, trying to attain perfection is just as bad as eating a dead rat! Was that the phrase!?

If all goes well, my food log will be completed fully by Friday evening! Then I can analyze it further and start fixing my ‘problem areas’.

Don’t forget that you are what you eat!