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My Winter in Switzerland

I cannot believe that almost 6 months ago today, I arrived in Switzerland to spend the Winter season out there.

Even though I had been to the area for the previous summer, there was something so magical and mysterious about what we were about to experience. On December 1, 2011 our flight arrived into Geneva and there was NO snow. We got a bit worried, but sure enough a few days later we had days upon days of snow storms. Our days were literally filled with shoveling and sledding. It was truly a dream world out there, and I miss it.  I can now say that I honestly and truly like LOVE Winter. Being able to walk out my front door and start snowboarding was the best thing in the world.

There’s just something about traveling that I’m a bit addicted to now. I want to see more, and do more. I want to meet more amazing people like the ones I’ve met over the past year in Europe.

Take me BACK! Here are some photo’s to catch you up.

First Week in Switzerland !