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five short-term goals…

Daily Blab: Keeping up with my goals

February is almost over, and with that – most people have totally lost their ‘New Years Resolutions’. Not me though, because I didn’t make any! Well I sort of did, but instead of calling them New Years Resolutions, I wrote up a simple list of goals. Things that I’d like to accomplish, almost like a 2013 bucket list.

Knowing that my preferences and lifestyle changes from day to day and month to month, I didn’t feel like setting myself up for failure with a New Years Resolution.

For me, the likelihood of sticking to a short-term goal is much more probable than long-term ones – most of us naturally lose site of what we set as our targets and then end up forgetting them all together. So, today I’m writing out 5 short-term goals for the month of March. Ideally, I will achieve all 5 – but if not, I won’t beat myself up over it! I’ll reward myself for the ones I did have success with, and try a second time to accomplish any that didn’t go so well.

Here we go..

  1. Keep my food diary, so that I can ditch the unnecessary snacking.Mindless eating is one of my worst habits, and I do it every single day. This week, I’m writing down everything that goes into my mouth – In hopes that that enough will deter me from mindless munching.FoodLog

2. Read before bed. Every night!

I do it once or twice a week, but normally I’m too exhausted by the end of the day. That being said, there’s always time for a couple pages of reading – no excuses! Look at this stack of books that I have to choose from!

blog 005

blog 004

Top 3 books to finish in the month of March = Blog inc., The 4 Agreements, and Eating Alive.

blog 001

3. Make sure that I’m getting enough protein.

Without much meat and fish in my diet, it’s been more of a conscious effort to get enough protein in my daily eats. I’ve got to start cooking up more beans and legumes! Hummus, anyone?

blog 006

4. Use my spare time wisely.

Time is valuable, we all know that! Free time should be spent doing things I love, things that make me happy, and being productive! That’s it, that’s all.

blog 006

5. And finally, guzzle down more h2o! Especially lemon water.

More lemon water = healthier skin, more detox, stronger immune system (lots of Vitamin C in lemons), gets your system moving in the morning so that you can get all that ‘shit’ out of your body! Great, eh!?

Of course, I have a million other goals in mind – but I started with the basics. Cleansing doesn’t have to be a MAJOR life shift – it can be something so simple as eating more vegetables or cutting back on caffeine.

What are your goals of March? Leave me a comment below and I promise to help keep you on track, if you do the same for me!

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Good Morning !

Thanks for stopping by.

After teaching my spin class at Krudar this morning, I had the owner of the studio pull me aside to ask me my opinions on “Alkaline Water”. He mentioned that at his last fighting competition, they were heavily promoting it – but he really wasn’t sure whether to believe the craze or not. Of course, they had free samples – so he tried it, and said it tasted pretty decent.

This brand, Kangen, seems to be the most common – and most widely recognized. Have you tried it?

I already knew a little bit about Alkaline Water, so we had a great discussion about why it’s probably not necessary and how your body functions well at a neutral pH, so alkalizing through water is really quite unnecessary.

I wanted to do a little bit of my own research though, so I investigated earlier this morning.

Apparently, if you switch to a Kangen Water System in your house (for the low price of only 5000$), you will change your life. Doubt it, but let’s look a little bit deeper.

Our bodies pH level normally sits at around a 7. With a more acidic diet (full of grains, meat, sugar and refined foods) you will sit lower on the pH scale, and with a diet full of alkalizing foods (fruits and vegetables) your body will have a naturally higher pH. By eating a diet high in raw and natural foods, you will maintain balance or somewhere alike.

According to one of the videos that I watched about “Alkaline Water”, these people have invented a problem that simply does not exist. They’ve marketed something to consumers that we really don’t need in our lives. The normal water that we are all drinking today sits at a neutral pH, and that’s GOOD for us.  The human body has always functioned perfectly with neutral water, and the claims that Kangen makes are totally UN-scientific.

So, if you encounter any promotions surrounding this water – makes sure to ask a few questions and get to the bottom of it!

Funny enough, if you go to the Kangen Website – they can almost suck you in enough to buy into it with all of their claims, but I think I’ll pass, for now…

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bikram yoga

Are you a yogi (i.e. a yoga-practicer?)

What type do you like… I know and have attended a few types of classes. They include yoga for athletes, hatha, bikram, p90x (is that a type?) and probably a few others that I didn’t catch the name of.

I’ll be the first to admit, upon trying yoga for the first time I absolutely did not see what the hype was about. I think my first time was about 6 years ago. But the more classes I went to, the more I started to really enjoy it. I no longer participated in the classes thinking to myself “this is a bunch of weird, crazy people that I will never understand”. I get why people become obsessed with yoga, and almost choose it as a way of life or substitute-religion. And yoga seems to be especially popular with people who aren’t religious, and just like have some elements of spirituality in their lives.

Bikram yoga, which I did earlier today, is also called “hot yoga”. You practice it in a room that’s 106 degrees normally and it has a limited number of poses.The point on Bikram is to focus on the alignment of the human body. It was different from the sports yoga classes that I’ve done, in that it’s no AS physically demanding. That being said, I couldn’t tell if I was working really hard in Bikram because I was soaked in sweat from the moment I entered the room.

I’m not totally convinced that Bikram is the right yoga for me. I found it hard to breathe in such intense humidity ( it’s 40% humidity in the studio rooms normally) and I think the heat interferes with my level of enjoyment a bit. I like fresh, cool air. Not so much hot, smelly, stuffy air.

This all being said, it’s a great workout – and a good yoga type for beginners.

The studio is on Belmont Drive and is called “Bikram Yoga” . Click on it to check out their website. The promotion that they have on now is 30$ for 2 weeks unlimited so I decided to go that route instead of 17$ per class (expensive, eh ?). The challenge for me now is to get back to Bikram at least 6 times over the next couple of weeks – to see how I feel after doing it a few more times.

If you’re curious now: click here to check out a basic youtube video that explains it all.

For now, I’m eating and drinking (waaterrrrr) in order to recover from a hot and sweaty 90 minute workout! Check it out and let me know what you think.

Have you ever done Bikram Yoga?

What are your thoughts on the “Yoga Culture”?